Articles by Anthony Smith

The Ultimate Greek Yogurt Diet Recipe

There are so many reasons to stuff your piehole with lowfat or non-fat Greek yogurt. Read more

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Decline: Why Experts Say You Won't Give a Darn about Organic Foods

Why are experts now saying that Whole Foods has reached its peak and, in the coming years, will decline into a sub-marginal business? Read more

Walker's Cajun Squirrel

The Five Absolute Weirdest Potato Chip Flavors Ever

When it comes to potato chips, most of consider "ripples" an exotic experience. Read more

Fat Duck

The Jolly British Pop-Up: Former "Fat Duck " Chef Helms "Canteen Food" in Limerick

Paul Williams, a young chef whose list of accomplishments boasts such exorbitant heights as working under Heston Blumenthal in the Fat Duck kitchen, has opened up a pop-up in Limerick that combines the offerings of a cafe and restaurant. Read more

Baked Alaska

The Fat Duck Cometh: An Inside-Look at the Christmas Line of Heston Blumenthal

When it comes to cooking, Americans like to pretend that the British have no idea what they're talking about. Read more


Why We Predict a Meteoric Rise for "Station" in Williamsburg

Though there are a few notable exceptions to the rule, I don't hesitate to say that I've discovered an uncanny governance to eating in the outer boroughs: the closer you are to a train station-- especially a major train station-- the worse your food is. Read more


Yuji Ramen Inspired Summer Mazamen Recipe

You don't have to be a Ramen God like Brooklyn's Yuji Haraguchi to make some satisfying, cold mazamen in the comfort of your own home. Read more

Lettuce Stomper

The Fallout from Burger King's Biggest Crisis Ever

When it comes to citizen journalism, it's hard to think of anyone more capable than a disgusted and mobilized group of 4Chaners doing what they do best: getting involved, for better or worse. Read more

vegan ethiopian

PREVIEW: Bunna Cafe, Williamsburg's New Vegan Ethiopian Restaurant

When it comes to combining vegan cuisine with some other cuisine, Williamsburg's brightest culinary minds have been leading the way. Read more


How Jamba Juice Is Taking Over the World One Country at a Time

On July 17th, 2012, Jamba Juice cut the ribbon on its newest franchise outlet, a futuristic log cabin swathed aggressively with electric yellow nestled underneath one of the crazy chrome staircases in the Philippines's Mall of Asia. Read more

Yujis Bacon and Egg Ramen

Williamsburg Says "Sayonara" to Yuji Ramen

It's our unfortunate duty to inform you that after a season of serving up the most dazzling noodles we've eaten in who-knows-how-long, YUJI Ramen is leaving Williamsburg for a time. Read more


New Food Allergy Treatment Could Offer Hope to Sufferers

We know little more today about what causes allergies than we did a decade ago, when doctors, nutritionists, and scientists started to note that the number of those diagnoses with mild-to-severe allergies was on a meteoric rise. Read more

Lettuce Stomper

How 4Chan Brought a Burger King Lettuce Stomper to Justice

For better or worse, and even with its moment in the sun giving way to the more popular, more sterile Reddit, popular internet forum 4Chan has been all over the news for the past few years. Read more

Sylvia Woods

Sylvia Woods Dead: The Mother of Harlem Soul Food Dies at Age 86

There are few names as synonymous with excellence in the Harlem Soul Food scene as Ms. Sylvia Woods, who died Thursday afternoon in her Mt. Vernon home. Read more

David Chang

Why Did Momofuku's David Chang Diss California Cooking?

For carrying such a middling stick, celebrity chef David Chang sure does scream at the top of his lungs. Read more


Chipotle Cops, or, How the NYPD Broke All the Rules by Eating Mexican

When it comes to looking for a few good cops, those in-the-know look no further than the Chipotle Mexican Grill on Montague Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Read more

Salty Burger

Kiddie Porn? In Your Wendy's? The Answer May Surprise You

It's been just a couple of months since Reddit, the internet's equivalent of a conversation with millions of Zooey Deschanels, controversially moved to shut down its controversial "jailbait" board. Read more

Summer Corn

Sweet Summer Corn Vichyssoise Soup Recipe

When it comes to a rewarding, cold summer soup, gazpacho is probably the first option that comes to mind in this country. But for those of us that are tired of eating the appropriately glorified and liquified salsa (especially in a city like New York, wherein we're inundated with Mexican food choices), France has the answer. Read more

Snail Butter

Not Too Haute: Heston Blumenthal's "Fat Duck" Snail Porridge Recipe

Heston Blumenthal may very well be my favorite chef (sorry, Ms. His approach to cooking gels ever-so perfectly with my approach to eating, marrying the dazzlingly strange with the undeniably comforting. And when it comes to the considerable menu of the famous Fat Duck restaurant in London, no dish is as enticing to the mouth eating it or as rewarding to the home cook replicating it as Mr. Read more