Articles by Anthony Smith
The Georgetown Cupcake

Secret Free Cupcakes! New NYC Boutique Could Catalyze Cupcake Renaissance

New Yorkers, forget everything you know about forgetting about cupcakes. Read more

Ivan Orkin

Stories from Momofuku's "Invader from Planet Ramen"

Ah, the best thing to happen to Momofuku Noodle Bar since paying your check and getting out of there has come and gone. Read more

Tony Bourdain

2012 Emmy Nominations: Which of Your Favorite Food Shows Made the Cut?

We think it's fitting that the 2012 Emmy Nominations was as kind to Lena Dunham's "Girls" as it was to food. This is a new era of television that celebrates both the kind of drama about a girl that eats cupcakes in the bathtub and the kind of docudrama about the making of that cupcake. Read more

Mediated Reality

Does McDonald's Hate Cyborgs?

Do androids dream of electric inequity? In the bizarre case of Steve Mann, a Toronto University computer engineering professor and former McDonald's patron, the answer is an incontrovertible yes. Read more

Salty Burger

Wendy's Fast Food Chain Releases Mobile Nutrition App for iPhones

Perhaps it's not as forward-thinking as their Baconator, a decadent slice of fast food heaven with two beef patties and literal oodles of bacon, but it's still technologically progressive. And good for you-- or at least, as good for you as fast food gets. Read more

OMG Diet

The Ultimate Guide to the Mysterious OMG Diet

It's hip, it's happening, it's all teens and tweens are talking about. But does the OMG diet work? And who the heck created it? Read more


"Barboncino," or, Can a Personal Pizza Gentrify a Neighborhood?

Barboncino's name means "poodle" in Italian, and they serve up the pizza equivalent of exactly that. Read more

Salty Burger

Five Disgusting Fast Food Meals That Are Still Less Salty than Hospital Food

Your good friends at FoodNRecipe are giving you another reason to cringe at hospitals. Read more


Will Subway Open up a Branch in a British Public School?

Looks like British children will be fresher than ever. Read more


McDonald's, to London 2012 Olympics: You Can't Have Fries with That

How did McDonald's go out of its way to ensure that it would be the only one selling you fries this summer? Read more


Jamba Juice Unveils New Healthy Smoothie for Public Schools

Say goodbye to everything you thought about school lunch. Read more

David Chang

David Chang and the Houston Momofuku Fake Out

It began the way that most rumors begin these days: with a simple, silly tweet. Read more

Ivan Orkin

"Invader from Planet Ramen" Visits David Chang's Momofuku Noodle Bar

In a particularly generous move that we hope continues, Momofuku Noodle Bar, the most inconsistent and middling of David Chang's soapbox brand, sees Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen in Setagaya, Tokyo taking over for a one-night only ramen event they're affectionately calling "The Invader from Planet Ramen. Read more


McDonald's Olympics Sponsorship 2012: The World's Fattest Athletes

So it's come to this. Ladies, gentleman, and anyone who identifies as anything else, prepare to be outraged. Read more

Polenta Pizza

Genius Gluten Free Polenta Pizza

How to make your own perfect pizza with gluten-free, golden-delicious polenta Read more


The Best Gluten Free Oreo Recipe

One bite, and you'll never buy a cookie that comes in a package ever again. Read more


The Best Brands of Gluten Free Pasta

Our guide to helping you find the best brands of gluten free pasta. Read more

Gin and Tonic

Beyond the Gin and Tonic: Five Variations on a Theme

Call me uninitiated, but I haven't encountered a mixed drink frattier than the gin and tonic. Read more


The Perfect Negroni Recipe

We'll show you how to achieve that perfect balance of boozy goodness with this bittersweet, blood-red, and boisterously strong cocktail. Read more


Traif Review: The Struggle for Identity in Trendy Brooklyn Eating Scene

It's hard to tell whether we're living in the denouement or the aftermath of the Brooklyn Food Revolution. Read more