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Maple Bacon

Order Good Coffee Online? Check Out Coffee Bean Direct!

Want to order good coffee online? Look no further than Coffee Bean Direct, a team of bean aficionados that take the term cyber cafe to a whole new level. Their mission? To bring you fantastic blends of coffee beans and grounds delivered straight to where you want them, when you want them. Read more

Dryad Tea

Good Sh*t Alert: Brew New Dryad Tea for Your Next Renaissance Faire

For Rubiee Hayes, blending dried leaves together to create complex, umami-filled cups of tea is more than just a culinary calling-- it's a musical one, too. Drawing her inspiration from the music of Pandora Celtica, her trip-away-from-the-ordinary Celtic a cappella group, Rubiee weaves magical, mythical impulse into a soothing recipe to complete your day or get it started. Read more

Jerk Corn

Coconut Jerk Grilled Corn on the Cob Recipe with Toasted Coconut Chips from Dang Foods

Our Coconut Jerk Grilled Corn on the Cob recipe will have you weeping with joy. It couldn't be easier, or more flavorful. Read more

Boston Lager Milkshake

New Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake at Red Robin: Cheers or Jeers?

So it's come to this: the patriots at Samuel Adams are working with the generic Americans at Red Robin to develop a caramel-covered, whipped-cream topped Octoberfest Milkshake that's filled with a combination of beer and ice cream. Read more


Food Kickstarter of the Day: Kerfluffles Marshmallows Look Good Enough to Kiss [FOOD PORN]

For today's Food Kickstarter of the Day, we're checking in with Spring Barnickle, the self-professed "Mallower-in-Chief" of Kerfluffles Marshmallows, a Kickstarter that initially asked for $2,023 dollars and has since received over $32,000 from 903 backers at time of writing. We spoke to Spring about her Kickstarter's treme... Read more

Cameron Sheldrake

Food Kickstarter of the Day: "Off the Cob" Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips Are as Dope as They Sound

Every so often, we come across a Food Kickstarter that deserves the honor of our Food Kickstarter of the Day not because of some philosophy that seeks to source only the finest organic ingredients (although Cameron Sheldrake of "Off the Cob" does seek to do that), but because the product itself is just too cool for words. Read more


Good Sh*t Alert: The Nomiku, a Brand New and Cheap Sous Vide Machine, Will Change the Way You Cook at Home Forever

The contraption in our photograph that looks like a space-age shower nozzle is called the Nomiku, and if its inventor and culinary genius Lisa Q. Fetterman has her way, it's going to change the way you cook at home forever. Read more

Lotus and Artichoke

Food Kickstarter of the Day: "The Lotus and the Artichoke," a Game-Changing Vegan Cookbook for Omnivores

Let's face it: our Food Kickstarters of the Day have recently skewed towards things for the most liberal of omnivores to enjoy; and unexpectedly enough, Justin Moore's vegan cookbook, The Lotus and the Artichoke, won't be any different. Read more

Uncle Moe

Uncle Moe's Million Dollar Birthday Fries Recipe

FoodNRecipe gets silly with a recipe for Uncle Moe's Million Dollar Birthday Fries, from one of our absolute favorite episodes of The Simpsons. If you want to double-down on this tribute dish, you need a couple of sparklers and a way to wear a plate of fries on your head. But since we're probably going to stop just short of that, all you... Read more


MasterChef US Season 3 Monti: Our Exclusive Interview with the Magnificent Monti Carlo!

I sat down and chatted with Monti Carlo, MasterChef US Season 3 fan favorite and Single Mom of the Millennium, about her time on the popular Fox reality show, her dream of a line of frozen foods that you won't feel awful about giving your kids, and why cooking an apple pie is so much better when you imagine your ex's face when you slice the apples. Read more

Gotham Hot Sauce

Want to Build a Better Burger? Then Check Out This Interview with the Boys of New Gotham Sauce Company!

I saw down with Dan and Piergiorgio, the boys behind Gotham Sauce Company, to talk about their Kickstarter for their truly awesome Top Secret Sauce project. Here's what they had to say about the best burgers in the country, why they're doing what they doing, and the secret recipes that inspire them every single day. Read more

Gotham Hot Sauce

Food Kickstarter of the Day: See Why New "Top Secret Burger Sauce" Is Going to Change the Condiment Game Forever

Readers, we're inviting you to a celebration of what the Gotham Sauce Company is calling "the burger's inner perfection." And if you're a vegetarian or a vegan, I'm sure they think that a grilled portobello mushroom is pretty darn perfect, too. Read more

Rocco's Peppers

Best Hot Sauce in the World? My Interview with Johnny Rocco of New "Rocco's Superior Pepper Elixir"

When we first wrote about Rocco's Superior Pepper Project, we called it a Latin-American hot sauce, and waxed poetic about how excited we were for one that sought to change the game. We were wrong-- Rocco's Superior Pepper Project is an Italian hot sauce, and even if Kickstarter makes everything seem newfangled, Johnny Rocco's family has been making hot sauces for a hundred years. Read more

Christine Ha

MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 20 Finale Recap: Who Won? We've Got Your Answers Here!

Here's your recap of MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 20, which will from now on be known as the season finale to end all season finales, was the most gut-wrenchingly nerve-wracking sixty minutes of television I've ever seen. If you don't want to know who won, then don't read. But if you want to be a part of everything as we saw i... Read more

Becky Reams 3

MasterChef US Season 3 Becky: Our Exclusive Interview with Becky Reams!

If you've been watching MasterChef US Season 3 as religiously as we have (Monday and Tuesday nights were basically our church all summer), then you'll know this already: Becky Reams can cook some serious eats. She was the early front runner in the competition, serving up unbelievable eats like her Classy Corn/Trashy Corn, a corn panna cot... Read more

The MetaCookie

Cookie Crisp Cereal Recipe: The MetaCookie, a Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Made with Crushed Cookie Crisp Cereal Pieces!

How the hell does someone who probably isn't stoned come up with a recipe that uses Cookie Crisp cereal to do anything other than soggify in a bowl of milk? Oddly enough, the inspiration for this dish came as much from the nostalgia-factor cereal kick I've been on for the last twenty-three years as it did from Moto, that bastion of cerebral fine dining in Chicago. Read more

Tuna Noodle Casserole

Hangover Helper Recipe #2: An Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe

For our next addition to the Hangover Helper pantheon, we're going to be bring those poor braincells of yours back to life by tickling your taste-buds with ooey, gooey goodness. This week, our incredibly easy recipe for Tuna Noodle Casserole will have you doing it right each and every single time. Many apologies to my mother for committing this recipe to print, but so it goes. Read more

Rocco's Peppers

Food Kickstarter of the Day: Support a Fiery Local Hot Sauce and Give to Rocco's Superior Pepper Project!

Sure, Sriracha goes with everything, but it isn't always the kind of fire you're looking for. Sometimes, you're looking for a way to liven up a bowl of cheesy grits or a perfectly golden leg of fried chicken that looks like King Midas himself soaked his hand in the deep-fried. Read more


Interview: Chef Alex McWilliams, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of New Restaurant ChiĆ³, Wants to Make Sure You Never Eat Olive Garden Again

I spoke with Executive Chef Alex McWilliams, half of the brain behind ChiĆ³, the Columbia Waterfront's newest culinary addition. His mission? To re-educate Americans about what eating Italian actually entails. Put away the veal picatta, and don't let him catch you scarfing down chicken parmesan. Read more

Defcon Yum

Kickstarter Food Project of the Day: 'Defcon YUM!' Becomes First Gourmet One-a-Day Online Bakery

When it comes to Kickstarter Food Projects, it often feels like if it isn't a product being made for small distribution at select Whole Foods nationwide, then it isn't worth funding. After all, what good is investing your money in a restaurant that chances are you'll never visit? Have no fear: Defcon YUM! is here to preheat the oven ... Read more