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Pork Slope

Dale Taldi's "Pork Slope" Gives Dive Bars the Four Star Treatment

Pork Slope's pretty much killing it. It's week two of their service, and they're filled to the brim with patrons from all over the place who are coming to partake of Dave Taldi's particular brand of excellence. I reached out to the new neighborhood hotspot, and this is what they had to say. Read more

Unreal Candy

New "Unreal Candy" Mimics Your Junk Food Favorites with Healthy Ingredients, and Won't Break Your Bank Account Either!

Candy: it's what's for dinner. Or at least, it would be, if there were a way that could eat it without feeling truly awful about ourselves later, when our stomach starts churning and our skin feels like it's covered in a thin veneer of acne-inducing simple syrup. Read more

Blood Orange Deep Fried Oreos

It's County Fair Season! Celebrate with Our Blood Orange Deep Fried Oreos Recipe!

So, where the heck does a Blood Orange Deep Fried Oreos recipe come from, anyway? Surprisingly enough, we weren't baked when we came up with this. We were watching MasterChef this week, and Christine Ha's Southern Fried Chicken recipe had me so jealous that I couldn't jump into the television and have a bite. Read more


Good Sh*t Alert: New Guilt-Free Toasted Coconut Chips from Dang Foods and the Young Genius Behind Them

When it comes to guilt-free snacks, Vincent Kitirattragarn, a Cornell University graduate and former sustainability researcher, may be offering you the chance to never have to pretend to like kale chips ever again. Read more

James Peterson

The Ultimate Guide to James Peterson's Cookbooks

When it comes to being a home cook, we can't think of another person alive who's covered the basics with as much meticulous detail as James Peterson, who has won six James Beard awards (crazy!) for his culinary writing. Here's everything you need to know about his best books. Read more

Thin Mints

Not a Girl Scout? No Problem. Here's Our Homemade Thin Mint Recipe for You and Your Freezer and You

A recipe for Homemade Thin Mints that's done in thirty minutes flat, start to finish. Could anything be better? How about a bonus recipe for a Homemade Thin Mint Cheesecake that doesn't require any baking? We thought so. Read more

Dang Coconut

See Why We're So Excited for "Dang Coconut Chips" [Kickstarter of the Day]

Is there any other food in the whole world that has enjoyed the consistent surge in popularity that the coconut has? Read more

Radical Roll

Gwyneth Paltrow Goop Diet: Ms. Paltrow Would Like You to Know that Lobster Roll Prices Are at a Record Low [FOOD PORN ALERT]

If you've been reading Goop (and adjusting your diet accordingly), then you know this already: Gwyneth Paltrow is unstoppable. Read more


Hangover Helper #1: An Incredibly Simple Pseudo-Carbonara Pasta That's So Easy, You Can Make it Drunk

This is one of those pasta recipes that I keep coming back to, time and time again, because of how simple, easy, and perfect it is. The results are astoundingly elegant, given how almost clumsily it's prepared. In college, I made it for all of my roommates when I was drunk (not an endorsement for mixing fire and booze), or in the morning, to combat those awful feelings. Read more

potato chip

Homeless Man Says Bag of Potato Chips Was His, Gets Stabbed to Death

It's like your mother always said: once you pop, the fun don't stop… until somebody gets stabbed. Read more


MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 19 Recap: The Top Three Compete

MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 19 is one of those episode recaps that's going to live in the annals of reality television history (is anyone out there writing all of this down?) as one of the saddest eliminations on a reality show ever. I know I've already deemed Monti's elimination two weeks earlier one such moment, but really, this week's takes the cake. Read more

Maple Syrup

Good Sh*t Alert: Wake Up, Wage Slave! Seattle Meets New England in 'Wired Wyatt's All-Nautral Caffeinated Maple Syrup'

Wired Wyatt's All-Natural Caffeinated Maple Syrup guarantees your breakfast will be more pancake than nap-cake. Read more


Bath Salts? More Like Veal Salts! Here's How To Make It at Home

Here's how to make a salt bursting with all the essence of veal. Read more

Snapple Cap

FoodNRecipe's List of the Top Ten Absolute Weirdest Snapple Cap Facts

Here's FoodNRecipe's list of the Top Ten Absolute Weirdest Snapple Cap Facts. Read more

Diet Pepsi

5 Things Faker than Diet Pepsi's New Heat-Proof, Time-Resistant Recipe [VIDEO]

Early Friday, Diet Pepsi announced that they would be swapping out the super artificial sweetener aspartame in their soft drink for Ace-K, an even more artificial sweetener that also boasts the terrifying added benefits of being heat-proof and time-resistant, so you know that whatever you're putting into your stomach is settling in for an extended stay. Read more

Chickpea and Olive

INTERVIEW: Danielle Ricciardi of 'Chickpea and Olive,' a New Brooklyn Vegan Joint That's About to Take Over Your Kitchen

FoodNRecipe reached out to Danielle Ricciardi of 'Chickpea and Olive,' a Brooklyn pop-up with a stand at Smorgasburg and aspirations of being so much more, to ask about their plans for the future. This is what she had to say. Read more

Vegan Slider

Round-Up! The Top Five Best Vegetarian or Vegan Restaurants and Joints in New York City

Don't have a cow: this is the ultimate guide to the top five best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in New York City. Read more


Good Sh*t Alert: Knock-Your-Socks-Off Chantarelle Mushroom and Poblano Pepper Tamales from 'Chickpea and Olive,' Brooklyn's Best Vegan Pop-Up

For Danielle Ricciardi and Daniel Strong, the cruelty-free masterminds (more Mother Theresa than Machiavelli) behind a little Brooklyn pop-up called Chickpea and Olive that's taken the Smorgasburg Food Festival by storm, the sky's the limit. Their vegan sliders, inspired by the falafel and pulsing with some crazy note of nostalgia that re... Read more


Canadian Poutine? In New York City? The Five Best Spots to Go for Gravy, Cheese Curd, and French Fries

Earlier this year, a bunch of homies got on Facebook and complained about how they wanted to move to Canada because of Obamacare. We have a better, non-idiotic reason to go to Canada: if poutine, their signature food, is any sign of the times, then the times over there are very, very good. Read more

Pasta Maker

The Ultimate Video Guide to Making the Best Fresh Pasta Ever, with or without a Pasta Maker! [VIDEO]

It's the end of the summer, and as one season rolls into another, I'm pretty much totally broke. That's why I decided that my next big purchase would be one of those gifts that keeps on giving, ensuring that a small investment now meant that I would be saving tons of money in the long run. Read more