Articles by Anthony Smith
Bouchon Bakery's Nutter Butter

Exclusive: An Inside Look at the Upcoming "Bouchon Bakery" Cookbook with Bouchon Bakery Sous Chef Scott Peabody

When you think of the American pantheon of wonderful, store-bought cookies, it's easy to overlook the Nutter Butter, a slightly larger-than-average peanut-shaped cookie that admirably balances the saltiness we love from peanut butter with the sweetness we come to expect from a sandwich creme. It's exactly the kind of treat that gets people excited and chefs inspired. Read more

Rice Krispies Treats

FoodNRecipe's Adults-Only Irish Lucky Charms Treats Recipe

This recipe is categorically NSFW, in that cooking it will probably inebriate you to the point of incapacity. This isn't healthy, this isn't a great way to start your day, and it certainly isn't part of a balanced breakfast in that you will be so drunk you cannot keep your balance. Read more

Espresso Black Bean Chili

Wrong: Mark Bittman's Chili Recipe Will Have You Cooking Black Beans in Espresso

We're fans of Mark Bittman in that we agree that ingredients can be nice. It pretty much stops there. There's an element of wrong-headedness, even culinary negligence, that goes into a few of his recipes. Since even non-cooks have been having a lot of laughs at the expense of the Food Network's resident strawman Sandra Lee, we feel it necessary to apply the same pressure to Mr. Read more


Molecular Gastronomy Spherification Recipe: FoodNRecipe's 4 Loko Caviar for Fancy Weekends

As far as molecular gastronomy goes, this pretty genius (if I do say so myself) original recipe for 4 Loko Caviar is as close as I'm going to get to a signature dish. It's the perfect marriage of El Bulli high-mindedness with the kind of ham-fisted low-brow cooking that makes the work of a home-cook so immediately recognizable. Read more

Bacon Sundae

Pork-a-Geddon: Burger King's New Promotional Menu Features Cheap Bacon Burger, Bacon Sundae

From the people who brought you The Ultimate Thinking Man's Guide to the Burger King Bacon Sundae comes something unapologetically low-brow: Burger King's new menu of promotional items. Read more

Olive Oil

Bacon Flavored Olive Oil for the Nostalgic Vegan and Struggling Dieter

We're a sucker for anything that helps our vegan friends, especially when that something succeeds at the worthy task of approximating the smoky flavor of bacon without the help of any pigs. Read more

Honey Badger

Honey Badger BBQ Sauce Don't Care (But the Cooks Raising Money for It Probably Do)

If you've been living under a rock (and you aren't a venomous snake), chances are you've probably seen the eponymous Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger video. Read more

Sriracha Popcorn

Rooster Sauce? In Your Movie Theater? Sriracha Popcorn from The Oatmeal!

From the devilishly brilliant minds behind webcomic-cum-style-and-living site The Oatmeal (think of it as those weird religious comic pamphlets but for hella secular people) comes something that has our mouths watering, and has us reaching for a glass of water. Read more


Chipotle Earnings Disappoint: According to Experts, See Which Three Restaurant and Resort Stocks You Should Sell

They're not the only ones taking a serious beating. See which five restaurant and resort stocks analysts are saying you should sell-- and why they're pretty much right. Read more

coca cola caviar

Molecular Gastronomy: Rum with Coca Cola Caviar

Fasten your seat belts and snap on your latex gloves, because FoodNRecipe's about to get really crazy with science. We're gonna demystify molecular gastronomy, an approach to cooking that makes restaurant chefs look like Level 85 High Elf Mages, and we'll be showing home cooks everywhere how to make good-ole fashioned science their sous chefs. Read more

Kimchi Tacos

INTERVIEW: Mr. Phillip Lee, Owner of the "Kimchi Grill" and "Kimchi Taco Truck"

If you're looking for some really bold fusion food at an unbeatable price-point, you need look no further than Kimchi Grill, a new restaurant owned and operated by Mr. Phillip Lee, most famous for his empire of Kimchi Taco Trucks. Just as the name suggests, Mr. Lee's food is an unexpectedly winning combination of Mexican and Korean flavors. Read more

Do or Dine

Interview: "Next Food Network Star" and Culinary Bad Boy Justin Warner, Executive Chef and Owner of "Do or Dine"

"Next Food Network Star" and culinary bad boy Justin Warner talks to us about cooking in Bed Stuy, never working for anyone ever again, and how to make espresso aioli. Read more

Yujis Bacon and Egg Ramen

Profile: Yuji Haraguchi, the Man Behind Our Favorite Ramen in New York, "Yuji Ramen"

Finding good ramen in New York is a dizzying, harrowing experience. It's also one of those all-too-uncommon good problems, considering that any of those feelings don't come from a lack of options, but rather from being inundated with so many choices for where you can go to get your fix of noodles. Read more

Corn Panna Cotta

Recipe: MasterChef's Becky Reams-Inspired Corn Panna Cotta with Bacon Maple Syrup

Whether you like it or not, Becky Reams is probably going to win this season of MasterChef. This is how to cook like she does. Read more

Rice Pudding

Recipe: Corn Pops Pudding with Rice

I thought about how I wanted to do this rice pudding, and nothing quite came to mind that hasn't already been done before to a tee, with much more precision than that which I typically concern myself. Read more

Corn Risotto

Dope Recipe Alert: Corn Husk Risotto with Lime, Basil, and Pancetta

I know, I know, I'm sort of obsessed with corn recipes right now. But it's with good reason. We've had such a scorching hot summer, and if we're to go by some old farmer's wisdom on this, it means our corn is sweeter than ever. So let's make good on that and do not just as much as we can with sweet summer corn, but as much as we can with every part of the corn. Read more

Obama Douglas

VIDEO: Michelle Obama Throws Shade at Olympics Hero Gabby Douglas for Eating Egg McMuffin

Just when you thought it was safe to be a little bad. After the closing of the London 2012 Olympics, in the wee small hours of Monday morning, McDonald's London offered the world's athletes a one-night only event of as much free food as they wanted. Read more

Corn Milk

The Only Corn Milk Recipe You'll Ever Need

It's August, which means that if you're in America, it's hotter than hell. Your cat is lying prostrate against the cool, teal tiles of your bathroom floor. Outside your window, the view of the world is all wavy and distorted from the heat. One of your Tumblr subscriptions has posted yet another picture of an egg cooking on the sidewalk. Read more