Articles by Mo Mozuch

McRib Sandwich Release Date Dec. 17; Why Does ‘Restructured Meat Technology’ Taste So Good?

The McRib is coming! The McRib is coming! 70 ingredients, 48 grams of fat and all the negative karma you can get from eating the leftover trimmings of tortured pigs. Lovin' it? Read more

Pepsi Chicken Chips

Pepsi Chicken Chips Only Available In China - Bummer [VIDEO]

Chinese chip connoisseurs are being treated to a special new flavor from Lay's: Pepsi chicken chips. Read more

Beyonce Pepsi Can

Beyoncé $50 Million Deal: Pepsi Put A Check On It! [VIDEO]

Pop superstar Beyonce just signed a deal with Pepsi as part of a $50 million promotional campaign. What kind of sat power can the pop superstar bring to the soda pop supercompany? Read more

Coffee Cherries

Elephant Coffee $50 A Cup: Does ‘Black Ivory’ Make Top 5 Most Expensive List?

Elephant coffee for $50 a cup? Shocking, yes, but wait till you hear where it comes from ... Read more

Hostess is no more.

Hostess Brands Bankruptcy: Top 5 Foods That Will Be Missed … And Their Retro Commercials!

Hostess is filing for bankruptcy but some iconic brands, like Twinkies and Wonder Bread, will find a second home. For others the future is uncertain. We pay tribute to the snacks (and commercials) that made childhood awesome! Read more