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salmon brown rice roll

Keeping Teens Healthy: Whole-Grains Recipes

The Journal of Nutrition & Food services recently reported that teens ages 13 to 19 do not consume enough whole grains. Read more

homemade energy bar

Easy and Tasty Homemade Energy Bar

It’s not difficult to make your own energy bars at home. It keeps your body healthy and saves money as well. Read more

baked sweet potato chips

Healthy Crunchy: Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

How to make Microwave Sweet Potato Chips Read more

asparagus risotto

Asparagus Risotto

Now it's officially spring. Asparagus, a harbinger of the spring, can be found in the market only at 1 or 2 dollars. Asparagus is also famous for its anti-Inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. How about cooking tonight this fresh and beneficial seasonal vegetable in Italian style? Here is a classic asparagus risotto recipe. Read more

roasted potatoes

Oven-Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Do not peel the potato skins, for potatoes are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Just wash them very clean before cutting them into wedges. One medium plain potato has about 150 calories. Unless you eat a lot of potatoes, oven-baked potato is a good and nutritious diet item. Read more


8 Foods For Beautiful Skin

People spend billions of dollars every year on skin care products. In fact, skin health depends on your lifestyle, rather than how much you spend on cosmetic products. Read more


Healthy Winter Fruits

There is no fruit that does not help keep the body healthy, but there are a couple of special fruits good for particularly in winter season. They are cranberries and citrus fruits. Read more

Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Food Recipes

Harvard Women's Health Watch recognized the benefits of green tea. Regular consumption of green tea helps disease fighting and reduces risk for cancers and heart diseases. Drinking tea a couple of cups a day is a good way to absorb antioxidants and other healthful plant compounds. Not only green tea, but also food made with green tea is also healthy. Read more