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Ovila Ale

Beer Sales Help Monastery: Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Ale Raised $7 Million To Rebuild Old Monastery

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. raised $7 million to help the Ovila Abbey rebuild the Santa Maria di Ovila monastery over a 12 year period. Learn more about the Ovila Abbey Ale. Read more


Pig Shortage 2013: Where to Get Your Pig Fixins While They're Still Oinkin'

As you've probably already read, in 2013, there's going to be a serious shortage of pigs. The global drought (you probably know it as "really nice winter") that ravaged our Heartland just nine short months ago decimated our yield of corn and soya. Since these two key ingredients compose the majority of cheap, efficient pig feed,... Read more

The MetaCookie

Cookie Crisp Cereal Recipe: The MetaCookie, a Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Made with Crushed Cookie Crisp Cereal Pieces!

How the hell does someone who probably isn't stoned come up with a recipe that uses Cookie Crisp cereal to do anything other than soggify in a bowl of milk? Oddly enough, the inspiration for this dish came as much from the nostalgia-factor cereal kick I've been on for the last twenty-three years as it did from Moto, that bastion of cerebral fine dining in Chicago. Read more

James Peterson

The Ultimate Guide to James Peterson's Cookbooks

When it comes to being a home cook, we can't think of another person alive who's covered the basics with as much meticulous detail as James Peterson, who has won six James Beard awards (crazy!) for his culinary writing. Here's everything you need to know about his best books. Read more

Radical Roll

Gwyneth Paltrow Goop Diet: Ms. Paltrow Would Like You to Know that Lobster Roll Prices Are at a Record Low [FOOD PORN ALERT]

If you've been reading Goop (and adjusting your diet accordingly), then you know this already: Gwyneth Paltrow is unstoppable. Read more

Maple Syrup

Good Sh*t Alert: Wake Up, Wage Slave! Seattle Meets New England in 'Wired Wyatt's All-Nautral Caffeinated Maple Syrup'

Wired Wyatt's All-Natural Caffeinated Maple Syrup guarantees your breakfast will be more pancake than nap-cake. Read more


Bath Salts? More Like Veal Salts! Here's How To Make It at Home

Here's how to make a salt bursting with all the essence of veal. Read more

Snapple Cap

FoodNRecipe's List of the Top Ten Absolute Weirdest Snapple Cap Facts

Here's FoodNRecipe's list of the Top Ten Absolute Weirdest Snapple Cap Facts. Read more


Canadian Poutine? In New York City? The Five Best Spots to Go for Gravy, Cheese Curd, and French Fries

Earlier this year, a bunch of homies got on Facebook and complained about how they wanted to move to Canada because of Obamacare. We have a better, non-idiotic reason to go to Canada: if poutine, their signature food, is any sign of the times, then the times over there are very, very good. Read more


Trendy Food Watch: Cooking with Sriracha Will be the Next Big Food Fad of Late 2012 and Early 2013

Sriracha Hot Sauce is about to have a great, big culinary moment, and we're giving you everything you need to know to prepare yourself in advance (short of a suit of armor that fits around your stomach lining). If you live in a city with a high volume of dim sum joints, you've probably seen it adorning countertops, enjoying the same treat... Read more


The Holy Grail! FoodNRecipe's Foolproof, Noob-Tested Panna Cotta Gelatin Ratio

From the good folks at FoodNRecipe's Test Kitchen comes the ultimate panna cotta gelatin-to-liquid ratio that's been the holy grail of home cooks. It's so easy, we can all but 100% guarantee you'll get it right the first time. Read more


Good Sh*t Alert: Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower Presse Soda is Pretty Unbelievable

Try Belvoir Fruit Farms' Elderflower Presse, a diminutive bottle of drink whose label boasts, in elegant cursive, that its contents are "100% good," as well as "gently bubbling with real elderflowers." Read more

Egg Yolk

VIDEO: A Dazzling, Unbelievably Foolproof Method for How to Separate an Egg Yolk from an Egg White

A foolproof approach to separating an egg yolk from the egg white that won't have you nervously cracking an egg shell in half and having you toss the egg white back and forth until you have a clear shot at the yolk. Read more

Evil Hot Gummies

Like Gummi Bears But Wish They Burned Your Tongue Off? Evil Hot Gummi Bears to the Rescue

Our favorite of the broad flavor combinations, and perhaps the least explored this side of the equator, is the intersection of sweet, spicy, and acidic. We don't mean this in a way that diminishes one in favor of the other, like it does in Mike's Red Hots and other similar hot cinnamon candies. Read more

Strawberry Balsamic

The Best Strawberry Balsamic Jam Recipe You'll Ever Taste

Like Amy Adams and Meryl Streep, strawberries and balsamic vinegar are one of those unlikely flavor combinations that end up being a match made in heaven. You're probably used to it in your summer salads, by accident, when a vinaigrette ends up coming too close to your vibrant fruit accents. If you're intrepid, perhaps you've used strawberries and balsamic vinegar to top a cake. Read more

Corn Milk

The Only Corn Milk Recipe You'll Ever Need

It's August, which means that if you're in America, it's hotter than hell. Your cat is lying prostrate against the cool, teal tiles of your bathroom floor. Outside your window, the view of the world is all wavy and distorted from the heat. One of your Tumblr subscriptions has posted yet another picture of an egg cooking on the sidewalk. Read more


Why Food Futurologists Think We'll Be Eating Bugs in a Couple of Years

Food futurologists are citing "volatile food prices and a growing population" as the chief reasons why we'll have to drastically change our eating habits in the years to come. But how drastically are we talking here? Read more

Walker's Cajun Squirrel

The Five Absolute Weirdest Potato Chip Flavors Ever

When it comes to potato chips, most of consider "ripples" an exotic experience. Read more

Summer Corn

Sweet Summer Corn Vichyssoise Soup Recipe

When it comes to a rewarding, cold summer soup, gazpacho is probably the first option that comes to mind in this country. But for those of us that are tired of eating the appropriately glorified and liquified salsa (especially in a city like New York, wherein we're inundated with Mexican food choices), France has the answer. Read more

The Georgetown Cupcake

Secret Free Cupcakes! New NYC Boutique Could Catalyze Cupcake Renaissance

New Yorkers, forget everything you know about forgetting about cupcakes. Read more