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Ai2’s ProSel App

US Foods, America’s Second-Largest Food Distributor, Chooses Ai2’s ProSel for an iPad Sales Force Solution Deployment

Software Developer Ai2’s ProSel App Will Provide Ordering, Pricing, Content Management to US Foods’ Mobile Sales Force Read more


10 Power Foods To Boost Immune System

Certain foods and drinks have a natural immunity boost. Incorporate these healthy foods into your diet to empower your immune system. Read more


Food Safety Experts and E. coli Attorneys Answer Missouri Raw Milk E. coli Outbreak Questions

In the wake of what public health officials in Missouri are calling a 5 person E. coli outbreak linked to raw milk, the Marler Clark food safety experts and attorneys are distributing answers to the frequently asked questions that consumers may have. Read more

Relax Dad, It’s Just the Kitchen

Divorce Expo And A New Book That Helps Men Start Over In The Kitchen

The “divorce expo” opens in New York this weekend but many in attendance may be forgetting one important step in starting over: cooking. Read more


Miami's Best Cocktail: Mojitos Recipe

Miami has long suffered from multiple personality disorder - is this a city for work or play, for early-bird retirees or late-night party animals? Read more

Orange juice

7 Most Adulterated Foods

Food adulteration occurs when an ingredient is replaced partially or fully with something different - without the knowledge of the consumer. A new research published in the Journal of Food Science has identified the top seven foods with commonly altered ingredients as olive oil, milk, honey, saffron, orange juice, coffee, and apple juice. Read more

White House Easter Egg Roll 2012

White House Easter Egg Roll 2012

In an annual family-friendly rite of spring, president Obama and his wife, Michelle, kicked off a sun-splashed Easter Egg Roll at the White House, with tens of thousands of kids and their parents packing the South Lawn Monday. Read more

A Leap of Faith for Mankind & Mother Earth

Author Empowers Readers Through Personal Journey

Anna Jane Wilson writes enlightening prose inspired by own life Read more

Book Argues Against Nutritional Value of Dairy and Wheat

Author Ralph R. Hopkins offers nearly 40 years of research to back his claims Read more

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  logo

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Teams up With the Playlist Generation to Infuse a Customized Music Identity Into the Store Experience

The popular specialty coffee and tea retailer unveils a category first: a Sonic Identity that translates the brand profile into curated music sets for its stores Read more


Fermented Foods: Benefits And Types

In ancient era, ferment food was thought as a gift from god, because fermentation makes perishable foods nonperishable and rich in flavor and nutrition. Fermented foods can help your fast-food-spoiled body keep healthy and prolong the life span. Read more

Food Rule

Food Rules: Simple But Not Easy Way To Eat Right

There is a simple book about food rules. That’s Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual (2010), written by Miachael Pollan, the author of four New Yorktimes bestsellers: In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto (2008); The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals (2006) and The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World (2001). What he su... Read more


Famous People's Favorites Foods

Craving foods of famous people Read more

Peanut Oil

10 Cooking Oils: How To Choose The Right One

There are various kinds of cooking oil at the market and in your kitchen, but you might be not sure which one is the best oil for your dish. Here are some tips to pick up the right choice. Read more

Lemon balm tea

10 Foods to Beat Insomnia

We sometimes suffer from the sleepless night with toss and turn. However, if it becomes your regular evening routine, it can take a dangerous toll on your health. The good news is that there are many natural foods, drinks, herbs that aid your sleep. Here are the list of 10 foods that will restore your sleep and health. Read more

Earth Balance Spring to Life Contest

MADEJUSTRIGHT.COM Hosts Spring To Life Recipe Contest

Earth Balance Online Community Celebrates the Plant-Based Lifestyle Read more

San Francisco Organic Produce Delivery Service VegiWorks Spotlights Red Spring Onions

VegiWorks, a San Francisco and San Jose produce delivery service, now offers organic red spring onions from Coke Farm. Read more

Allen Brothers steak burger

Allen Brothers Introduces Burger of the Month Club

On the heels of March Madness in college hoops, Allen Brothers is rolling out a brand of madness all its own: the Burger of the Month Club. Read more

Chocolate Bunny

25 Sweet Chocolate Easter Bunnies [PHOTOS]

The chocolate bunny has existed since the 19th century, according to Smithsonian magazine. However, it wasn't until the beginning of the 20th century when chocolate bunnies truly started taking off. Manufacturers started creating hollow chocolate Easter bunnies around the 1930s, and now Americans buy more than 60 million chocolate bunnies annually. Read more

Easter eggs

How to Dye Easter Eggs

There are already many Easter eggs dyed in edible dyes. But also you can dye them with ordinary foods instead of edible dyes. Let’s try the food we can easily find. And you can find that there are full of materials can give colors for eggs. Yellow onion skin or violet cabbage will change normal white eggs into Easter jewels. Read more