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Morning Zen Gluten Free Muesli

Muesli Fusion Introduces New Gluten Free Cereal, Morning Zen

Muesli Fusion has launched a new gluten free muesli cereal, Morning Zen. It's a mix of certified gluten-free oats, raisins, cranberries, almonds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Read more

William Curley Piedmont Hazelnut Easter Egg

Have A Chocolate Treat This Easter….There Are Health Benefits Too

No one has to feel guilty this Easter when it comes to indulging in a bit of chocolate! Not only has new research from the US has suggested those who eat chocolate regularly can be slimmer, but, Quintessentially Foundation are also supporting their charities through chocolate. Read more

pork barrel bbq

Pork Barrel BBQ Headed to Las Vegas for the Academy of Country Music BBQ Throwdown Championship

Top-rated competition BBQ team to participate in “The Week Vegas Goes Country” celebrating barbecue and country music. Read more

Shiitake mushroom

Shiitake ‘Shrooms Are Blooming Now – Grow Your Own At Home

It's Spring: The equinox, rain, warm temperatures and mushrooms. Shiitakes are pushing through the bark of the hardwood logs that are home to shiitake mushrooms at Lost Creek Mushroom Farm, where grow your own mushroom kits rule. With grocery store prices for shiitakes a whopping $8-22 a pound, a log kit can pay for itself in the second year, according to shiitake farmer Doug Williams. Read more


A Setting on "Mad Men," Toots Shor's Legendary Saloon is the Subject of a New Book

From author Michael Turback a 200-page collection of wisdom and wisecracks from Shor and his contemporaries is available at Read more

Cucina Antica Foods

Cucina Antica Foods Becomes a ‘Champion for the Poor’

Cucina Antica Foods is spreading the word about donating to Food For The Poor, an international relief and development organization Read more

Maui Wowi

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Participates in Cutting Edge Virtual Trade Show, Hosted by The Entrepreneur’s Source

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies attends their first virtual trade show, bringing the franchise company to the leading edge of virtual technology Read more

The Presidio Cafe at the Presidio Golf Course

San Francisco’s California Cuisine at The Presidio Café at the Presidio Golf Course Announces April Events

The Presidio Café is announcing three events: an Easter brunch buffet, a brandy seminar and a pub quiz. Read more

Bake Me A Wish Classic Gourmet Layer Cakes

Bake Me A Wish! Announces New 4-Inch Cakes for Delivery

New Singular Serving Cakes in the most popular flavors! Read more


What’s The Effect Of Herb?- How To Use Herbs In Cooking

Herbs are used in various ways including culinary, medicinal, and in some cases spiritual usage. They contain phytochemicals that have effects on the body as well as provide fresh flavor. For instance, chamomile has an effect to suppress the propagation of cancer cells and to help heal diabetes. In addition, it bolste. Read more

sunny side up

Back To The Basic: What Makes Perfect Egg Dishes?

The first rule in cooking eggs is not to put salt until they are cooked. If you add salt while cooking, the eggs will lose moisture and get dry and rubbery. Read more

SIP Certified Sustainability Seal

Wineries To Receive SIP Sustainability Seal of Approval

Sustainability efforts of wineries to be independently verified with expansion of the already popular SIP Certification program. Read more

Cucina Bambini

San Jose's Cooking Instruction School, Cucina Bambini, Announces Summer Classes for Children

San Jose’s Cucina Bambini is offering cooking classes throughout April and May. Read more

Foie Gras

Foie Gras Connoisseurs Have 90 Days Remaining to Buy in California

With the foie gras ban just around the corner, restaurants, retail specialty food stores and individual consumers have only 90 days left to purchase foie gras in the state of California, reports Mirepoix USA, a leading online foie gras retailer, formerly based in California. Read more

US beef industry fights back in 'pink slime' smear campaign

Supporters of the U.S. meat industry fought back on Wednesday to slow what they called a smear campaign by consumer activists seeking a ban on meat scraps added to hamburger that critics have called "pink slime." Read more

diet coke

Diet Soda, Good Or Bad?

Some studies have suggested that diet soda lovers could face higher risks of diabetes and heart disease, but one recent U.S. study of several diet drink consumers found that overall eating habits may be what matters most in the end. Read more

Asparagusfest 2012

Asparagus Festival - One Of The Best Food Festival In The West

Everything will be popping up green as the "Best of the West Food Fest," kindly dubbed the Stockton Asparagus Festival, draws guests to this Central California city and its festivities set to take place April 27-29, 2012. Read more

chocolate making

How To Make Handmade Chocolate

If you have a few right equipment and some instructions, then you can make chocolate at home. Here is the how to. Read more

No reservations

Recipes In Movie: No Reservations's Tiramisu

There are movies that stimulate viewers’ appetite. The steaming dishes, the food having brilliant colors, sizzling red sausages, creamy sauce left on a character’s lip, crunch sound when the a character severs with his teeth. Read more


Recipes In Movie: Mushroom Cream Soup and Chicken Breast

There are movies that stimulate viewers’ appetite. The steaming dishes, the food having brilliant colors, sizzling red sausages, creamy sauce left on a character’s lip, crunch sound when the a character severs with his teeth. Read more