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A walnut grower

A Walnut Grower Stands in His Walnut Grove in Rio Oso, California

Walnut grower Matt Conant and his dog Lexi walk through his walnut grove in Rio Oso, California Read more

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach to Host Food & Wine Fest on March 10

Laguna Beach Uncorked! - An International Wine & Food Fest takes place on the Festival of Arts Grounds Saturday, March 10. Read more

Good Food Festival

Good Food Festival & Conference Opens March 15-17

The 2012 Good Food Festival and Conference is coming to UIC Forum, Chicago. It will provide an opportunity to get a bigger picture of Chicago's local food by encountering Midwest artisans and farmers, and attending seminars and conferences on growing and producing food. Read more


How to Prepare and Cook Artichoke

Spring is the peak time for artichoke. But if you were encountering them for the first time, they might seem intimidating. Here are the steps for how to choose, prepare, and cook artichoke well. Read more

Scrambled Eggs

7 Tips for Making the Best Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs is a quick, easy, yummy and popular breakfast dish. However, while anyone can scramble eggs, few can scramble them well. Here are some tips for making the best result scrambled eggs. Read more


The 10 Best Snacks for Kids

Let's start making healthy snack for kids! Check out these 10 kid-friendly ingredients. Read more

Food for Thought

Food For Thought: What's On Your Plate?

New Jersey Center for the Book and the Monmouth County Library present an educational food festival, Food for Thought: Food as Science, Food as Culture, Food as Career, Food as Community Service...What’s on Your Plate? Read more

homemade bread

Cottage Food Bill Introduced in California

California does not have a cottage food law. It means if you bake a bread at home and sell it to the public in California, you are breaking the law. In order to sell your food legally, you must make it in a commercial kitchen. Read more

shark's fin

Will New York Ban Shark's Fin Soup?

New York, the biggest market for shark’s fin on the east coast, is likely to be the next state to ban the sale of shark fins. New York state lawmakers unveiled a bill Tuesday that would ban the sale, trade and the Chinese delicacy. If the proposal legislation is signed into law, New York will join Washington, Oregon, Hawaii and California in restricting shark products. Read more


Where Did Margarita Come From?

There is no solid proof who "invented" the Margarita. The most accepted of all stories is that the Margarita was invented in October 1941, at Hussong's Cantina in Ensenada, Mexico, by bartender Don Carlos Orozco. Read more

wine and cheese

Cheese and Wine Pairing Guidelines

Wine and Cheese combinations are frequently better than the part. The possibilities of pairing cheese and wine are endless. There are so many wines and so many cheeses, so both can make a myriad of results. Deciding which wine to serve with what cheese can be a little intimidating for starters. But do not fear. Read more


How to Select and Store Garlic

Choose heads that are firm to the touch, with no blemishes or soft cloves. Choose dry and plump one. Fresh garlic should be white to off white. If you notice dark, powdery patches under the skin, pass it up since it is an indication of a common mold which will eventually spoil the flesh. Read more

farmers market

Saturday Farmers Markets in LA

Did you miss the just-picked fresh produces during the weekdays? Here are the lists of farmers markets that open on Saturday, so that you can visit with your family. Read more