Best Pizza in Orange County, LA: Gina's Pizza

March 2, 2012 3:23 AM EST
Gina's Pizza Margherita
Gina's Pizza Margherita of Newport beach (Photo: Ann Smith)

Near Palemo, Sicily, where Gina grew up, slow cooking was the only kind of cooking. Delicious food wasn’t just a part of life, it was life. Family meals at the kitchen table were much more than a time to eat, they were a time to celebrate.

In the 1950’s, Gina met her Giovanni in Brooklyn, NY, where they married and started a family. Gina Costa continued her family’s tradition of home cooking. The sound of laughter and the tempting aromas coming from their small kitchen transformed their home into a neighborhood gathering place.

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Some years later, settled in California with her boys almost grown, Gina fulfilled a lifelong dream. She opened the first Gina’s Pizza & Pastaria in Corona Del Mar, now able to share her passion with a much larger neighborhood.

With original Italian pizza taste, Gina’s pizzas are beloved by many people at 7 locations in Orange County, Los Angeles.

source: Gina's Pizza homepage 


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