Report Released Titled: 5 Life Lessons Learned from Gift Baskets

April 1, 2012 10:52 PM EDT is soon to release a report titled The 5 Life Lessons Learned from Gift Baskets. It is a whimsical and informative look at what they’ve learned from the past decade handling gourmet gift baskets.

Jane Alman, a director at the website said, "I never thought it could happen, but I’ve come to realize that, as crazy as this sounds, you can learn something from a gift basket. After writing this report, I decided to post the lessons, and now I look at them every day, as a reminder to take more from each day.”

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A short summary of the report was released by the company, and the initial reviews have been positive. A summary of the five key points of the gift baskets report are below.

1) Invest in Yourself ... whether its a new ribbon or an upgraded basket, or an added cookie bouquet, you have to work hard and constantly be learning and growing and upgrading yourself.

2) Learn from the Best ... why do you think I decided to live at Find the best, apprentice, study with, live with, get involved with the best and only the best, whatever it takes.

3) Learn the Secret of Compound Interest ... this one doesn't really help me, I'm a gift basket after all, but it will help you in the long run! : )

4) Help others ... studies show that being generous, and contributing to others has you have a longer, happier life. This is why gift baskets practically live forever, as we're all about lighting up your life.

5) Be a Good Listener ... talk less, listen more and life and relationships will go much better. Its why you rarely hear from me, but don't think I'm not listening when she squeals in delight at the gift you've given.

The report will be released



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