The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Teams up With the Playlist Generation to Infuse a Customized Music Identity Into the Store Experience

April 9, 2012 12:34 PM EDT
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  logo
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf logo (Photo: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is inviting customers to sip to the beat of a different drummer. The specialty coffee and tea retailer has teamed up with The Playlist Generation, a collective of the best music minds who curate customized music sets for world renowned brands, to add a personalized audio flavor to its 269 company owned stores. This is the first time The Playlist Generation has developed a signature sound, or Sonic Identity, for a coffee retailer – placing The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® at the forefront of several industry-first music initiatives in a retail setting.

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As the official music curators of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, The Playlist Generation analyzes every song selected to ensure it’s consistent with the voice and energy of the brand. The unique Sonic Identity for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is comprised of both recognizable and lesser known tracks from different eras that are fun, energetic and locally relevant. This includes covers, remixes of well known and older tracks, timeless originals, and up-and-coming artists like Mayer Hawthorne, Asa, and Oh Land, whom customers may not expect to hear in a retail space or coffee shop.

The soundtrack is also strategically correlated with store traffic patterns. During the morning rush, faster music is played to match the energy of the store. In the afternoon, medium tempo music fosters an environment that inspires customers to relax while they enjoy their Chai Lattes and Original Ice Blendeds®. All music is identified by artist and song name on the in-store television screens so guests can further connect to the featured artists.

With its customized music set from The Playlist Generation, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is engaging with its loyal customers on a whole new level. “We are fully focused on enhancing every aspect of our customer experience,” said Mel Elias, President and CEO, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. “The Playlist Generation has truly translated our brand into a distinct sound for our stores which has resulted in a phenomenal response from our customers and our Team Members.”

Michael Smith, CEO, The Playlist Generation, stated, “With their unique Sonic Identity, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is differentiated from the generic coffeehouse sound and has created a platform for many of the next great artists of tomorrow to be heard.”



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