Book Argues Against Nutritional Value of Dairy and Wheat

April 9, 2012 12:41 PM EDT

A recent Huffington Post article, “Japan Tsunami Debris, Degrading Into Tiny Bits Of Plastic, Could Pose Health Risk,” warns readers of the potential of contaminated food resulting from the 2011 tragic tsunami and earthquake disaster in Japan finding its way into human diets. But as Ralph R. Hopkins explains in his book, "You-th" (published by AuthorHouse), people may have unknowingly been consuming harmful foods for decades.

In "You-th" Hopkins makes a very bold argument – one that definitely will stir up controversy. He says, “Dairy and wheat products are the two worst things you can eat.”
It's only print on paper, but You-th offers 39 years of Hopkins' research into the discovery of why dairy and wheat nutrients are NOT assimilated by the cells, much like alcohols does. When nutrients are rejected by the cells they or either consumed in physical activity or stored as fat. This leads to obesity and every conceivable health problem along with rapid aging.

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Since its release in 2005, "You-th" has received mixed reaction from readers. “Mail I have received since the book was published indicates that people with health problems, older people and young college students read it,” claims Hopkins. “Some praise it and some let me know I should be locked-up. They are just like science, their minds are closed to something new.

But Hopkins continues to work to influence awareness of his discovery. Ultimately, he hopes his efforts to expose more readers to his book will have a positive impact on people’s health and that they will join his cause in fighting against what he sees as the widespread scientific misconception about the nutritional value of dairy and wheat products.



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