Indian Cookbook Wins International Award

April 17, 2012 1:50 AM EDT
Tasting India
Tasting India (Photo:

"Indian food has infinite universal appeal that makes it a global hit" - The author's belief was right. Australian celebrity chef Christine Manfield’s recipe book, Tasting India, has been named ‘Cookbook of the Year’ at the noted International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards in New York.

“I am thrilled, euphoric in fact. It’s amazing,” Manfield shared, “I have been travelling to India since 1996. I wanted to showcase the amazing diversity of regional Indian food and its nuances to the world," according to Hindustan Times.

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The cookbook has 250 regional Indian recipes, including Punjabi spiced chickpeas and kingfish steamed in banana leaf. The author collected the recipes from local residents she met while she was traveling India. She wrote in her book, "The recipes I've collected along the way reflect the stories of countless mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sons of daughters, brothers, sisters and aunts, as told to me during my travels.'


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