The Way To Reduce Food Waste

April 20, 2012 5:46 AM EDT
apple peel
apple peel (Photo: Flickr)

We can save earth by reducing our food waste in this way.

1. Make a shopping list

We often buy unnecessary foods or excessive ingredients which are at a discount. And these foods aren’t prone to be well used. Sometime we buy foods which remain in our refrigerator. If you make a shopping list and go shopping, you can cut down impulse buying.

2. Check your foods in your refrigerator

Make food list and record date when you buy it on a sheet of paper. You can put it on the refrigerator or the kitchen wall. You can know what food I have and by when you have to eat and prevent foods decomposition.

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3. Store foods into transparent container

You can find foods easily and it can reduce the chance to forget it.

4. Cook stew as much as you can eat

When we cook stew, we tend to cook it without measuring the size of your meal. If you throw it away, it can cause water pollution.

5. Use Small dishes

You can reduce the amount of remained food. if it lacks, you can take food again, and prevent overeating.

6. When you travel, take your lunch box

You can save eating out expense.

7. Use food waste as a compost

If you mix it with fermentation enzyme and let it decomposed, it can be useful compost. It can help to grow plants.

8. Learn other usages of lemons

Citric acid in lemon is effective on bleaching. If you use lemons to remove the tarnish on brass, copper, or stainless steel. Get formerly white laundry white once again by boiling in water with a slice of lemon. For extra whitening, dry laundry in the sun. And it also effective on eliminating smells.

9. Don’t throw away the rind of apple

It can be used to remove soot on a pot. Instead of scouring pad, you can use the rind of apple. Put it with water into a pot and boil it for about 10 minutes. And then smoothly rub it. The soot would be disappeared. And it can be used to remove to fish smell. When you cook fish, put it under fish.


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