The Whitman’s® Sampler® Celebrates 100 Years with the Kiss Me, I’m 100 Giveaway

April 23, 2012 8:04 PM EDT
Whitman’s Sampler
Whitman’s Sampler 100-year anniversary (Photo:

It’s been a sweet 100 years for the Whitman’s® Sampler®. Celebrating its centennial birthday in 2012, this candy favorite is America’s best-selling box of chocolates. It is estimated that over one billion have been sold since its introduction in 1912 and today, a Sampler® is sold every 2.5 seconds. Over its 100 years, the Sampler® has made a name for itself as the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. To celebrate this incredible milestone, Whitman’s kicked off the Kiss Me, I’m 100 Giveaway. If you or anyone you know celebrates their 100th birthday in 2012, the Sampler® wants to party with them. Whitman’s is sending a jumbo Sampler® and a Kiss Me, I’m 100 hat to anyone born in 1912, the same sweet year the Sampler® was born. Alice Buckley of Barling, Arkansas was one of the first centenarians to receive her special gift. “When I was just a kid, if I ever I got any of that Whitman’s candy, I thought I was eating the best.”

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About Whitman’s Candies
Celebrating its 170th anniversary in 2012, Whitman's Candies is America's oldest continuous producer of boxed chocolates. Whitman’s began in 1842 when 19-year-old Stephen F. Whitman set up a small confectionery and fruit shop on the Philadelphia waterfront. The Whitman’s Sampler is among many boxed chocolate masterpieces produced by Whitman’s over the years. Today, Whitman’s chocolates and confections are manufactured at factories located in Abilene, Kansas, Iola, Kansas, Montrose, Colorado, and Corsicana, Texas. Whitman’s. Made in America since 1842.



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