KFC Japan Serves Whiskey And Chicken At New ROUTE 25 Bar

April 26, 2012 8:31 PM EDT
KFC ROUTE 25 first location
KFC ROUTE 25 first location (Photo: KFC)

KFC ROUTE 25, the world’s first KFC fully-stocked whiskey bar, has opened on April 25 near the south entrance of Shimokitazawa station in Tokyo.

The restaurant spans three stories, with the first two floors of the restaurant feature an original KFC, while the top floor functions as a Midwestern-themed bar after 5 p.m.

According to KFC Japan, the concept for ROUTE 25 combines the late Col. Harlan Sanders' traditional Kentucky Fried Chicken with another of the esteemed Colonel's presumed passions: good ol' Kentucky bourbon whiskey and ice-cold beer. The bar's name is derived from U.S. Route 25, the highway that passes in front of the original Sanders Cafe in Kentucky.

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KFC ROUTE 25 food menu features a number of original items of KFC Japan, such as tomato pasta and a six-cheese pizza drizzled with maple syrup, as well as tiramisu and cream puffs. The extensive drink menu features a variety of classic bar options such as whisky-based cocktails like Jack and Coke. Specialty cocktails include the Early Times High Ball and Mint Sparkle, an “easy-to-drink” Japanese variation of the Kentucky state favorite.

For more information, you can visit KFC ROUTE official website.


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