How Do You Keep Your Produce Fresh? Whirlpool's FreshFlow Produce Preserver Extends Freshness By 25% [VIDEO]

May 22, 2012 11:07 AM EDT | By Amanda Remling
Whirlpool FreshFlow Produce Preserver
Say goodbye to the produce that went bad before you even touched it. This product is able to extend product freshness by 25%. (Photo: Whirlpool)

One of the most frustrating components of buying produce is keeping it fresh. Luckily for veggie and fruit fanatics, Whirlpool has developed a new product that can prolong the life of your produce by 25% in the crisper draw! Long gone will be the days where you feel like you threw out produce that you just bought, because Whirlpool's new development will keep your veggies fresher for at least four days longer than normal.

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This product has been out for almost a year, and I have only just come across it. As a vegetarian my fridge is always stocked with fruits and vegetables,and one of the things that has always frustrated me was getting a chance to eat or cook the food before it went bad.

How exactly does fresh produce over-ripen in your fridge? Your fruits and vegetables naturally give off ethylene gas, and when they are placed in the refrigerator, they absorb the gas. Some high producing ethylene gas fruits and vegetables are apples, avocados, peaches and pears. When these fruits and vegetables are kept near ethylene sensitive fruits and vegetables, like broccoli, lettuce, spinach, watermelon and cucumbers, they can over-ripen more quickly.

That's where Whirlpools product, FreshFlow Produce Preserver, comes in. The new product absorbs the ethylene gas, extending freshness of your fruits and vegetables. By absorbing the gas, the ripening process of produce items slows down. When kept in your crisper draw, the product states that it can extend your produce freshness by up to 25%.

The FreshFlow Produce Preserver works for up to six months, and it's really simple to use. Each package contains two pouches. These pouches should be placed into the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Also in each package is a status indicator. The indicator informs you when the packets in the crisper need to be changed to keep "optimal freshness!"

 Produce can be expensive, but don't think that the produce preserver will be too. On the Whirlpool site the product is available for $9.99, and for the six months use, it comes out to spending less than $1.75 a month to maintain your produce freshness.

Check out an insane time lapse demonstration that FreshFlow conducted to see how quickly your fresh produce goes bad!

Would you try a product that would help prolong the freshness of your produce?


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