Hong Kong's Burger King Gets The Royal Treatment, $5 Black Truffle Burger Added To The Menu

May 25, 2012 12:39 PM EDT
Burger King Black Truffle Burger
Hong Kong Burger Kings have added the Black truffle burger to their menu. (Photo: Burger King)

A Burger King in Hong Kong is breaking out the big guns. The fast food chain has added "a taste of royal delicacy," to their menu by adding the Black truffle burger.

A royal burger such as Burger Kings new Black truffle isn't that unique. Japan Wendy's currently offers foie gras burgers for $16 and truffle and porcini chicken burgers for $12. For a fast food burger the prices may seem a little high, but that's where Burger King's newest venture comes in. Their new Black truffle burger will be sold in Hong Kong for the very reasonable price of $5. If a customer wants the real royal treatment, they can add French fries and a drink for only a dollar more.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the Black truffle burger is an extra thick patty, "layered with curly endive and sauce made from Italian black truffles mixed with mayonnaise."

Hopefully Burger King's latest venture will go over smoothly, compared to the "Whopper Virgins" fiasco. The Wall Street Journal describes the "Whopper Virgins" marketing effort as a way for villagers ranging from Thailand to Transylvania who have never ate a Burger King before to take the "purest taste test." Needless to say the campaign was called "exploitative and insensitive" and didn't go over too well with critics.

According to the Daily Meal though, Burger King is still relatively new in Hong Kong, with it's first restaurant only arriving in 2007.

"We are the latecomers," Burger King's head of marketing in Hong Kong, Alex Lam said. "The bad side is that most of the customers are already grabbed by our competitors. But the good side is the market is still expanding."

Maybe their latest venture with the Black truffle burger will build their fan base. Only time will tell if Hong Kong is ready for Burger King's royal treatment.


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