The Best Fruit For The Month Of June: Apricots

May 30, 2012 8:26 AM EDT | By Amanda Remling
Apricots are the perfect fruit for June. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Like any fruit, apricots are best when in season, and the month of June is the best time to hit the store for these sweet, tangy and healthy treats. Whether cooked or raw, check out some mouth watering recipes, and why you should be eating apricots this June.

At only 17 calories per apricot, it's no wonder why this fruit is perfect for the month of June. Besides benefitting those looking to snack while keeping a beach ready body, apricots are also packed full of vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber.

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During the summer season vitamin A intake is great for maintaining healthy skin, reports Medline Plus. Besides healthy skin, vitamin A also helps to maintain healthy teeth and vision. Vitamin C on the other hand is great for growth and tissue repair, along with reducing the effects of sunburn.

So how do you pick that perfect June apricot? WebMD suggests selecting ripe apricots, which should be a little soft to the touch. Color wise, shoppers should steer away from pale yellow and greens, and lean towards apricots that are a richer orange color.

A delicious and great spin on a typically normal breakfast is to add diced apricots into muffins scones or pancakes. Try out a recipe for gluten-free apricot scones from

For a quick, easy and delicious apricot snack try an apricot, blue cheese and nut salad. Chop up a fresh salad, pair it with chunks of blue cheese and add your favorite nuts for a sweet treat. suggests topping the snack with honey.


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