Road-Trip To Bonnaroo Survival Guide: 5 Snacks You Need For Your Car Ride

June 1, 2012 12:47 PM EDT | By Amanda Remling
Sour Punch Straws
Sour Punch Straws might not be healthy, but they're fun to snack on in the car. (Photo: Twitter)

The 2012 Bonnaroo Music Festival is held in Manchester, Tenn., and the event has people flocking from all over the world to attend. While some may fly in for the June 7 - 10 festival, eventually everyone makes it into a car. Whether you have a couple hour drive from Nashville or are driving down from New York and beyond, snacks for the car are a must.

A cooler will probably be buried in your backseat ( a must for survival during those four brutal days in the Tennessee sun), but the best road-trip snacks are simple items that don't necessarily require refrigerator temperatures.

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Ritz: With convenient packets, these crackers are easy to grab and munch on while at the wheel. Finish the roll? Chuck them at the next rest stop, if not twist the wrapper closed and slide them into your door panel for easy access later. Not into Ritz? Substitute goldfish crackers. They might not come in sealed packets, but if you bag up a serving in separate plastic bags before your trip snacking will once again be made easy.

Granola Bars: Similar to the Ritz crackers, Granola bars come individually packaged and are an easy and delicious treat to snack on. Besides the convenience, the bars are generally full of fiber and calories to hold you over until you can stop for food, reports Granola bars also come in many options so grab a couple different flavors to mix it up!

Nuts: While chips may be the go-to snack, if you feel like taking a healthier route on the road, steer towards nuts. Since they are salty and crunchy, they are a great alternative to the Lays bag. Nuts contain healthy fats and protein, so a handful is great to keep you full in the car. Grab a bag of trail mix which will also have dried fruits or chocolate (yum!).

Sandwich: Deli meat might get gross after sitting in a car, so you can only turn to old faithful: Peanut Butter and Jelly. PB & J sandwiches might have been your thing in elementary school, and if you feel like you need a new twist on it then try switching the jelly with Nutella, or cheat by sliding some potato chips in the middle of your sandwich.

Candy: Sweet, sour, totally bad for you. As long as you snacked on some of the other healthier stuff then I don't see why you can't go wild with a little candy (unless the health police are your passengers). If you decide to go with chocolate then remember to keep it cool, otherwise you will have a mess on your hands (and possibly seats). Personally, I can snack on chocolate at any time, but what usually keeps me going through road trips are Sour Punch Straws. The sweet and sour is great at keeping me powered through long drives.

Don't forget that with snacks, come beverages. Start the hydration for Bonnaroo early by packing water and not soda for your trip.

Happy snacking and safe driving! See you there!


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