Bonnaroo 2012: 9 Food Trucks Park At The ‘Food Truck Oasis’

June 4, 2012 3:54 PM EDT | By Amanda Remling
Eatbox at Food Truck Oasis
Eatbox will be in the Food Truck Oasis. Judging from this photo of the truck it doesn't look like it will be hard to miss. (Photo: Facebook/Eatbox)

Your boss might warned you about the 'dangers' of eating at food trucks, but Bonnaroo will have 9 food trucks you won't want to stay away from. The 700-acre Manchester, TN farm will once again be welcoming food trucks into their delicious Food Truck Oasis.

Last year the Food Truck Oasis at Bonnaroo had its debut, and after crowds roared with happy (and full) stomachs, the great Bonnaroo minds decided to expand the Food Truck Oasis for 2012.

Nine trucks will cruise onto the farm, with eight of them creating the Food Truck Oasis. Where can you bask in this food heaven? The Oasis will be on the west side of Centeroo, in between "This Tent" and Splash-A-Roo.

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Take a look at the mouth watering trucks you definitely won't want to miss.


Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Eatbox boasts a dirty experience. Not dirty in a bad way, but hungry Bonnarooians can feast on something called a "Dirty South," a wrap stuffed with peppercorn seasoned steak, tater tots, grilled onions and house made bacon scallion sauce.


From beautiful Miami, Florida comes Gastropod. The gourmet food truck serves up fusion cooking with "an emphasis on local, seasonal ingredients."

Good You

Good You returns to Bonnaroo from Kansas City, Missouri. The organic mobile eatery dishes out urban street food "sourced from local farmers and purveyors."

Gypsy Queen

Thought you couldn't find Lebanese street food in Tennessee? Think again. Gypsy Queen can be found in a vintage van named "Spartacus," and makes Lebanese street food from scratch.

Petro's Chili & Chips

Get a bite of Tennessee with Knoxville's Petro's Chili & Chips. After sitting in the hot sun you won't mind getting a little "chili" with their chili bowls or "Petro Bowls."

Pot Kettle Black

Cruising in from Charleston, South Carolina is Pot Kettle Black. The food truck brings with them a "soulful" menu with seasonal local produce.

Roti Rolls

This food truck looks like they have it all. From Charleston, South Carolina as well, Roti Rolls has a full fusion menu, drawing from Asian, Indian, Caribbean, Latin and Southern recipes. Sounds like a mouthful!

Savory And Sweet

Another Tennessee local, the Savory and Sweet food truck promises some gourmet Southwestern cuisine.

Tex's Tacos

Phew! A taco truck! From Atlanta, Georgia comes Tex's Tacos. Taking a spin on Tex-Mex and earning a reputation as Atlanta's best food truck, this is one you'll definitely have to try...if you can find it. Tex's Tacos will not be in the Food Truck Oasis, so happy taco hunting.


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