Pizza Hut Launches The P'Zolo, Takes Over Subway Cars In Chicago

June 5, 2012 1:45 PM EDT | By Amanda Remling
Pizza Hut P'Zolo
Pizza Hut has put their own spin on a sub, releasing the brand new P'Zolo. (Photo: Pizza Hut)

Pizza Hut, as the name suggests, is known for their pizza, but the Hut is looking to branch out. The latest creation to hit their menu is the new Pizza Hut P'Zolo, a sandwich creation.

The P'Zolo is a "warm and melty, meat and cheese-filled delight." Baked in soft golden crust and sprinkled with Asiago cheese, the P'Zolo is available in three recipes, Meat Trio, Italian Steak and Buffalo Chicken.

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For the meat enthusiast, the Meat Trio P'Zolo is packed full of cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni and ham. Those looking for an Italian twist will find the Italian Steak P'Zolo stuffed with cheese, marinated steak and roasted vegetables. The final installment of the new P'Zolo is a twist on Buffalo Chicken, which of course features white-meat chicken, buffalo seasoning and cheese. To compliment each P'Zolo, Pizza Hut serves up the warm sandwich with a choice of ranch or marinara dipping sauce.

The latest pizza-esque creation is currently available at Pizza Hut locations nationwide for $3 or two for $5.

"At Pizza Hut we're known for constantly dreaming up great new flavor experiences on behalf of our consumers," said Kurt Kane, Pizza Hut CMO in a press release. "When we took a look at the sub category we decided consumers needed us to bring this same approach to that space. We think people are quickly going to see they can get a lot more for their $5 with the new P'Zolo. It's more than a sandwich. It's a new flavor creation that is leaving the sub category behind."

To help the latest creation take off, Pizza Hut has launched a "Subway Takeover." The pizza chain has actually taken over a pair of subway cars on Chicago's Red Line. On Thursday, June 7, the company will be handing out free P'Zolos at secret Red Line stops in Chicago. Those residing in the Chicago area can discover the secret locations by visiting Pizza Hut's Facebook page this week.


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