Sweet Eats without the Sweets: Three Fun Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings

June 12, 2012 8:53 PM EDT | By Staff Writer
Tempting Cupcake
Follow these tips and these cupcakes won't have any effect on you anymore! (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

There is, perhaps, no harder addiction to break than that of our unhealthy relationship with unhealthy sweets. Most of our parents conditioned us from a young age to associate decadent delights like chocolate bars, cupcakes, and ice cream with rewards and special occasions, like birthdays, perfect A's on a report cards, and the beginning of summer vacation. But now that we're older, we can reward ourselves with all the cupcakes we want just for getting up in the morning. It may not be Halloween, but we're eating sweet foods by the bag full.

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Unfortunately, we're not young anymore, and all those treats are catching up with us in the form of tooth decay and cellulite. Follow these tips and you can break your cycle of sugar addiction without even breaking a sweat.

1. Eat a Sweet Potato

This is one of the best breakfasts there is, and it will totally count as atonement for every time you've eaten its cousin, the yam, in a pie filled with butter, extra sugar, and marshmallows. Grab a sack of sweet potatoes from your local supermarket, wash one of them, and poke it a bunch of times with a fork (pretend it's your scale and really let loose!). Wrap it in a wet paper towel and nuke it in your microwave for four-to-five minutes. Take it out, cut it in half, and sprinkle cinnamon to taste. Not only is this a fast and easy way to start your day, it's loaded with fiber, low in calories, and has actually been proven to curb appetite all across the board.

2. Chop Up a Kiwi

In addition to being one of the most fun fruits to peel and eat, the furry kiwi is as loaded with vitamins and antioxidants as it is with flavor. In fact, compounds present in the kiwi such as quercetin and resveratrol even help to counter the fat-storing effects of sugars, leaving you sated with happy taste buds and a svelte waistline.

3. When All Else Fails, Get Naughty

It's 11 PM. You know a guy working at the convenience store who'll give you a chocolate bar, if you slip him a crisp George Washington. You'll head back home, turn on your favorite TV show, and have a night that you'll regret in the morning. We've all been there, and we've all heeded the call of midnight sweets. But you can be strong. All you need to do is set aside a little you-time to get naughty. No one has to know but your BMI.

Go into your kitchen and find whatever low-sugar food you've been turning to when the going gets rough. For me, those were my raisins. Go on Google, and do a quick image search of the food you want. Eat your food while looking at that food.

Something about this is incredibly rewarding. The sight of that food combines with the taste of your healthy food to create a sensory illusion that, while not coming anywhere close to a miraculous reproduction of taste, still manages to satisfy just enough.

I've spent many a lonely night with my hand in a box of Sun-Maid, my eyes glued to internet pictures of Raisinets. I know you'll do the same. Good luck!


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