Subway's Green Line: Sandwich Chain Soft-Launches Three Vegan-Friendly Subs

June 19, 2012 2:21 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Eating fresh just got greener. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The world's largest restaurant chain just got a little greener.

In a campaign poised to mitigate the bad PR accrued from giving the coveted "Subway Sportsman of the Year" award to infamous dog aficionado Michael Vick, eight Subway locations in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area now offer three vegan sandwiches: the Sweet Riblet, the Malibu Greek, and the Italian Black Bean.

Before these menu items, the only offering a vegan could hope for at the chain restaurant was an unexciting Veggie Delite Sub, a smattering of the vegetable condiments that come for free on the meat-filled sandwiches served up without cheese on one of Subway's vegan breads. These new items, filled with soy approximations of turkey, ham, and chicken not only hope to inject some much-needed excitement into their vegetarian/vegan menu, they show that Subway is committed to reaching a larger, outspoken, health-and-environmentally conscious, and (most of all) hip demographic with its products. If all goes well with the soft launch, this could be the "Jared Branding" for people who, in staving off meats and dairy products, couldn't even find seven sandwiches to choose from.

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Internet support has been overwhelmingly positive. The website WeLoveSubway emerged to show the powers-that-be on the corporate side of the restaurant that what they're doing really resonates with their base. On it, fans of the vegan offerings are invited to either review the new sandwiches or call for Subway to bring the vegan options to a location near them. The front-page platform features impassioned pleas from all across the nation.

It should be noted for the true vegans in our readership that these sandwiches, while not containing any animal bi-products, may inevitably be prepared on surfaces where cross-contamination with meats, dairy products, and gelatin are altogether quite possible. If this possibility worries or offends you, you may want to wait for the nationwide launch to see how far down the carrot hole Subway is willing to go in their efforts to reach you.


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