Happy National Chocolate Pudding Day!

June 26, 2012 6:10 PM EDT | By Staff Writer
Chocolate. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

No one ever eats chocolate pudding anymore. We're not sure why. It got its start in the late 19th century, when it was spoon-fed to invalids and children. Maybe we stay away from it because we're not children anymore, when a lot of our parents used to give it to us as the "bread" between a morsel of vanilla pudding in the form of a Snack Pack. But now that we're adults, it's flourless chocolate cake this and bittersweet souffle that. Let's pause to remember that long-lost friend of ours from childhood, the time in our lives where we our metabolisms excused everything.

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Here's our chocolate pudding recipe, prepared and served as part of a flower-pot parfait.

1. Prepare your double boiler.

Boil water in a pot. Reduce heat. Once it's boiling, put a bowl on top of it. In the bowl, combine 1/4 cup of cornstarch, 1/2 cup sugar, a pinch of salt, and some orange zest. Stir constantly with a whisk until all combined and mixture bubbles, about 20 minutes. DESTROY EVERY LUMP YOU FIND.

2. Add 6 ounces of chopped, good-quality chocolate. Stir for five minutes or until melted. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract or coconut rum at this point if you want.

3. Refrigerate

Put it in your fridge overnight, or till you can't wait anymore.

4. Assemble your flower-pot.

You can do this in an actual flower-pot or in a clear jello bowl. It doesn't really matter. Layer it this way: blue jello, prepared according to package; cold chocolate pudding, crushed oreos; gummy worms; whipped cream.



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