Happy National Candy Month: Our Five Corner-Store Favorites

June 27, 2012 2:46 PM EDT | By Staff Writer
Japan's Hi-Chew took one of our top spots. Find out what else did below. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Send your dentist something sweet: June is National Candy Month, and because of FoodNRecipe's commitment to health (as you can tell, our relationship's been a little more open in the past few weeks), we've refrained (restrained, really) from celebrating it until today. But since we've been good, and we hope you've been good, too, we're going to indulge a little: here are our five corner-store favorites.

1. Life Savers Gummies

When I was little, these tart bites of soft, gummy goodness candy came in a neat, little row-- the operative word here being little. With five flavors per pack and two of each flavor, this candy came as quickly as it went. Fortunately, since it always felt like it was making a ball in my stomach, it was nice to know that it would be sticking around for a while.

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But the good folks at Wrigley's must have heard the collective complaints of so many children, and now Life Savers Gummies come in big ole' bags. The only variety that really matters is the Classic one-- and the best flavor in the bag is their surprisingly crisp green apple, which is as lovely on the tongue as it is on the teeth.

2. Cadbury Crunchy Bar

I grew up in the Philippines, where this huge improvement on the Butterfinger was readily available thanks to a short, short export across the pond from Australia. It's called a Crunchie Bar, and when we came to America, we used to have to go into Canada to get it. Nowadays, it's a less expensive schlep for it: most corner stores, supermarkets, and bodegas will carry it if they stock Cadbury chocolates.

The taste and texture of this one are unlike anything you'll have ever tasted. Slightly bitter and slightly salty, they're an addiction in-and-of-themselves. You won't just get a chocolate craving; you'll want a Crunchie bar.

3. Classic Twix

Never has an average-sized candy bar split lengthwise down the middle felt like so much food. I don't need to talk too much about Twix bars-- everyone knows about the cookie core layered with caramel and covered with chocolate-- but most people don't know that the best thing to do with them before you eat them is pop them in your freezer. The cookie gets super crunchy, the caramel becomes a harder coating, and the chocolate gets, well, cold and perfect. It becomes a more flavorful, summer-ready bite. Go nuts. We will.

4. Milky Way Midnight

If there's a candy bar that tastes more unhealthy or unbelievable, we haven't found it yet. This one's a work of art: split it down the middle, and you'll see a moon-white whipped vanilla nougat holding a pale-gold caramel above it, all covered in a thin, dark chocolate enamel. The taste is more adult than the average Milky Way bar-- the texture more delicate. But we think this bar is so winning because it gets its proportions just right. Neither of the three flavors in it is cloyingly sweet. All-in-all, this is probably the perfect chocolate bar.

5. Hi-Chew

First, there was Starburst. Then, there was Mamba. Then, there was mad cow disease, and Mamba was allegedly tainted with the stuff (nice work, Starburst), so people begrudgingly went back to Starburst. I say begrudgingly in retrospect, only because they've discontinued their best flavor: Passion Plum, which used to come in their California Fruits pack. Without it, there's no reason to buy a pack of Starburst ever again-- unless you're picking out the reds.

Enter Hi-Chew, the Japanese candy that's sweeping the nation. Its texture taps into something truly primal about us: we all secretly want to swallow our gum. Its softness and stringiness, and the subtleness of each flavor, make this the perfect, casual snack. Plus, you seem like an epicure when you pop it out at work.

Go forth, conquer, and brush twice today.


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