Three Sweet Drinks to Have with Your Dessert

June 27, 2012 3:55 PM EDT | By Staff Writer
We're mixing up a sweet, ice-cold take on the Sazerac to go with your dinner. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Okay, so we admit it: National Candy Month has brought out the sweet tooth in our team today. And while you've been munching on our five favorite corner-store candies and slow-soaking your gummy bears in vodka just in time for the weekend, we've been kicking back with a few sweet drinks. These drinks are sweet enough that you can have them either with your dessert or in lieu of your dessert. And as far as the first one on the list goes, you can have that just about any time you want.

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1. The Negroni

I think we write about the Negroni every day, which is about as often as we have it. It's a drink that has all the quaint trappings of old-fashioned cocktails (read: it's super, super, super strong), but just strange enough-- with its bright-red color and manly, bittersweet taste-- that it feels ready for the new millennium.

Mix up equal parts gin, campari, and sweet vermouth with ice. Serve neat with a garnish of orange zest. For a little after-dinner theater, or if you're just feeling fancy, peel a slice of orange and squeeze it over a lighter, so the orange oil lights and toasts as it falls into your drink.

2. The Root Beer Sazerac

Not really a sazerac, but really delicious. Rim a glass with a good, strong whiskey you have lying around. In it, put two ice cubes. Pour one part of your favorite absinthe over those ice cubes and just wait. After five minutes, finish with a slow pour of three parts root beer.

We like Maine Root brand root beer for this. They're probably the best soda company on earth.

3. The Irish Coffee

Just to be clear, I have never, ever understood having coffee after a meal. Sure, it tastes great, but that's just going to keep me up all night. But since I recognize that there are those of you out there who love coffee with your dessert as much as you love alcohol with everything, this one's for you.

In a mug, mix 3 parts strong, hot coffee with 1.5 parts whiskey, depending on your taste. Let it sit for a bit.

In a frying pan, mix equal parts dark brown sugar and water. Cook into a caramel-syrup. Add it to the alcoholic coffee. Stir.

Top with whipped cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Enjoy your evening!


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