How to Eat an Avocado

June 29, 2012 4:42 PM EDT | By Staff Writer
Delicious ways to eat an avocado plain and simple. (Photo: Creative Commons)

1. Picking it out.

You're gonna wanna choose an avocado that's just soft enough. What that means is that if it feels like guacamole in your hands, leave it at the store for someone else to pick out. If it resembles a rock even slightly, you'll want to avoid those avocados as well. Choose one that's soft-- but not too soft-- one that caters to the touch but still offers slight resistance. That one's ready to eat.

If you buy one that's underripe, wrap it in a newspaper and leave it out overnight. By morning, it'll be perfect.

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2. Peeling it.

Score the rind slightly and peel the skin off. It should be super easy. Slice the fruit in half until the pit and move around that.

3. Dress it up.

There are so many delicious ways to do this, but here are my favorites:

A. Splash soy sauce and drizzle just a little sesame oil over the avocado. It's just like sushi, only without the fish.

B. Sriracha. This makes everything better, and the avocado is no exception. Starting with a base of mayo, add sriracha to taste. Dip your avocado in that.

C. Naked. With next to nothing, or just a little salt, pepper, and olive oil. It also makes a great compliment to any of the many canned fish you may have sitting in your pantry.


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