Recipe: How to Cook Grilled Corn on the Cob for Your 4th of July Barbecue

July 4, 2012 3:57 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Corn on the Cob
A quick, simple technique for perfect grilled corn on the cob every single time. (Photo: Creative Commons)

This easy recipe for preparing grilled corn on the cob that uses a simple foil wrap to lock in all the flavor from delicious herbs and spices is going to become a staple of any barbecue you throw. It's easy to make, fast to cook, and totally delicious. While July 4th comes but once a year, this corn will make you want to celebrate it every day!

1. Choose your corn.

I get all my cob corn from Trader Joe's because they're consistently some of the sweetest and most bright yellow corn I've ever had in my entire life. They're also cheaper than other major supermarkets that offer similar quality corn, like Whole Foods. Save yourself the money and the schlep and just go with the veggies from TJ's.

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Grab six ears altogether.

2. Choose your corn's destiny.

Oh, this is the fun part, young grasshopper. You must choose whether you're going to make a cajun-spiced corn that pairs well with fireworks and beer or an herbal corn that your friends will eat with their pinkies out.

Both options are equally wonderful, and equally easy to prepare.

A. Going Cajun:

Mix equal parts dried oregano, hot paprika, cayenne papper, fresh black pepper. Finish it off with 2.5 parts kosher salt.

B. Going Herbal

Mix equal parts parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram, sugar, and salt.

3. Prepare your foil.

Take six pieces of aluminum foil and into each one separate six tablespoons of butter into one tablespoon servings, one-per-corn. Add one-sixth of your seasoning mix to each. Add a corn to each. Wrap.

Pro-tip: If you don't have any vegans or vegetarians in the house, you can add a tablespoon of pancetta, cubed, to the foil. Just make sure to remove it before you serve it so no one knows your little secret.

4. Grill, baby, grill!

Add the corn to the grill and cook for fifteen minutes, turning it as much as possible to ensure it doesn't burn. Feel free to shake it up, too, to ensure that the melted butter gets everywhere.

Enjoy! Happy 4th of July!


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