Chuck E. Cheese Mascot Gets a Punk Rock Makeover

July 5, 2012 9:15 AM EDT | By Staff Writer
chuck e cheese
The new rockstar Chuck E. Cheese mascot aims to be a little more hip than, well... this guy. (Photo: Creative Commons)

It looks like the uncool Chuck E. Cheese mascot is getting a punk rock makeover, losing his goofy red hat and shorts in favor of acid-washed denim, a caustically purple shirt, and a black electric guitar.

After nearly two decades of the same giant rat being voiced by the same nasal actor, CEC Entertainment is injecting new life into their mouse mascot, unrolling his redesign as a trendy, punk rock rat who carries a big electric guitar and jams like any great rock star.

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With over 500 restaurants, Chuck E. Cheese has enjoyed its status as a household name in the child birthday business for just about thirty-five years, now sees a 4.2 percent revenue loss in the first quarter, forcing the company to lower its projections for the year. This new mascot represents an effort to get back in touch with the youth of today. "Chuck's Hot New Single," the first of a projected many marketing efforts geared towards exposure of the rebrand, was released earlier this year.

Duncan Brannan, the former voice of the mascot since 1993, only found out about the change when he heard the song online. He posted a lengthy letter about to to facebook-- one that The Dallas Observer republished in part.

The new voice of the rockstar Chuck E. Cheese mascot will be none other than Jaret Reddick, the lead singer of Bowling for Soup. If only Chuck E. Cheese's target was people who remember the late nineties!

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