Cruel Taco Bell Hoax Sees Happy Ending: 10,000 Taco Airlift!

July 5, 2012 4:19 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Remember when Taco Bell airlifted 10,000 of these into Alaska? We do. (Photo: Creative Commons)

They're calling it #operationalaska, or the happy ending to a cruel Taco Bell Hoax that saw the fast food chain bringing 10,000 tacos to the taco-less town of Bethel, Alaska-- the most important delivery to be made in the state since Balto got all that medicine to those kids!

Picture this dismal scene: last month, in an escalation of a prank war, feuding jokesters filled the Alaskan town of Bethel with flyers and banners announcing the grand opening of a Taco Bell within its city limits. If that doesn't sound like a big deal to you, consider yourself lucky to live close to the cheap Mexican joint that's now stepping up its game with a healthy, gourmet menu. Believe it or not, this is a town whose only fast food option is a Subway restaurant.

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Well, the good people (I'm starting to believe that isn't just empty rhetoric and they actually are good people) of Taco Bell heard their cries, and brought 10,000 tacos to the town via a helicopter airlift.

And we're not just talking any old taco, here: Taco Bell went way beyond hard and soft to bring these people the immensely popular, super delicious, ultimately stomach-churning Doritos Locos Tacos-- which is, fortunately and unfortunately for all of us, exactly what it sounds like.

Thousands of residents of the Alaskan town got to enjoy a little south of the border, even if they were as far north as they could be while still being in America.

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