Watch Now: Jamie Oliver Chicken Nugget Fail!

July 6, 2012 1:32 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver fails in front of so many children. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Jamie Oliver's attempt to gross American children out by showing the process of making chicken nuggets is about as epic fail as it gets.

When it comes to feeding our children well, Jamie Oliver is truly leading the food revolution. But watch what happens to the Spartacus of organic vegetables when he tries to show American children the error of their ways:

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His face when they all raise their hands to say they'd eat the chicken nuggets is priceless, and one we doubt that Jamie Oliver could have possibly anticipated. And while he's probably chalking it up to the fact that American children don't get grossed out as easily as British ones (we are, after all, a fatter nation altogether), there's more to be said about the food heritage to which the chicken nugget belongs.

Much more than Britain, we are a country of quick-and-easy dinners. That may say more about our relationship to our schedules than it does about our relationship with our food. The simple fact is that so many American children grow up in households with two working parents whose schedules don't permit them to spend time as much time preparing dinner. For these parents, cheap, easy dinners like chicken nuggets are godsends. And the fact that they're delicious enough for children to like gets them a further stamp of approval.

The better experiment here would have been for Jamie Oliver to show parents what they're feeding their kids, and allow them to decide whether or not they'd put that on their kids' plates ever again. For working parents like that, there are a milieu of frozen dinners that aren't just fast, easy, and delicious: they're healthy, too.

And lastly, we'd love to see a video of Jamie Oliver preparing traditional British cuisine for these children. We doubt they'd all raise their hands to eat it at the end.

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