Sweet Summer Corn Ice Cream

July 9, 2012 7:31 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Sweet Corn Ice Cream (Photo: Creative Commons)

I've already written a long love letter to Cones's Sweet Corn ice cream-- a sweet, smoother-than-smooth golden cup of the best tasting stuff on earth. It's up there in my top ten favorite bites, and I've been trying to approximate it as best I can. Unfortunately, I don't have the years and years of experience making ice cream that the good people at that shop do, so I don't want to do them the disservice of saying that this recipe comes close. However, it's still really gosh darn delicious.

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1. Prepare your corn.

Grab a fresh, beautifully yellow ear of corn and remove all the kernels with a knife. Chop the cob up into slices one-to-two inches thick.

2. Make a corn stock.

Add the cob pieces to equal parts heavy cream and milk, approximately a cup of each. Simmer for fifteen minutes over low heat. Take out the cob pieces and add your corn kernels at this point, simmering an additional ten minutes.

3. Add eggs and sugar.

Temper two egg yolks and add them to the stock along with a half a cup of sugar and a half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. At this point, you can also add pieces of candied bacon, if you have some lying around.

4. Cook until thick.

The way you know that your custard base is done cooking is if it can coat the back of a spoon. Here's a good explanation of what that means, along with picture: http://www.yumsugar.com/Coat-Back-Spoon-248972

5. Chill and prepare.

Chill it till it's nice and cold, then add it to your ice cream machine and prepare according to the instructions there.

Enjoy! And don't forget to top it with freshly ground cinnamon!

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