Broke Students Eating Ramen: What Expert Nutritionists Say

July 11, 2012 9:59 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
You wish your ramen was this good. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Let's face it - by this point the broke college student with a pantry full of a Ramen noodles has become a cliche: tried, tired, and true. I remember being in high school, thinking that there was no way I was going to become one of those kids who spent his money so badly that he ended up eating Ramen for three meals a day. I was going to work a job. I was going to make money. I was going to enjoy living and putting in the hours to get that enjoyable living.

Boy, was I wrong. And I learned how it felt to live with 21 servings of soup noodles in my belly week-after-week throughout my academic year. It got to the point that going home for long breaks meant I wouldn't have to eat noodles for quite some time.

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But here is what's up for debate: does the damage that Ramen noodles do to your body outweigh the cost benefits?

Mark Haub, Professor of Human Nutrition and Interim Head of Kansas State University's Department of Human Nutrition, had this to say on the matter:

"If you're a Whole Foods person, you're going to say processed food is bad. Sayng something is healthy or unearthly, taken out of the context of everything they eat, can be very misleading," the nutritionist says, championing an approach to eating on a budget that combines healthy choices with cheaper, unhealthier options.

Haub suggests adding fresh vegetables and meat to your instant noodle soup to give it the nutrients it so sorely lacks. As the expert points out, "even broccoli with cheese is healthier than no broccoli at all."

Before you take that and run to the store, watch Stefani Bardin's video:

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