David Chang and the Houston Momofuku Fake Out

July 17, 2012 4:55 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
David Chang
Another big ole' fake-out from the man that brought you a great pork bun and an awful pork bun. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

It began the way that most rumors begin these days: with a simple, silly tweet. At 2:10 PM, on July 15 2012, David Chang, the bad boy of posh pork, announced to his followers that Momofuku "is looking to sign a three year lease in Houston, Texas." The tweet had the food world in a tizzy, with everyone asking the same basic questions: Momofuku? In my Houston? Why?

Some pointed to the rising Houston restaurant scene. Others contradictorily spoke about an untapped market for hip, masterfully crafted asian foods over which David Chang would have a local monopoly. But no one stopped to look at the strangest part of the wording: a three-year lease? What restaurant wants to go through all the trouble of making a name for itself so it can last three years? What businessman in his right mind or even stoned would announce that he was only looking to check things out for three years?

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In their rush to analysis, they missed this key feature. And it's since been revealed that Houston won't be seeing a Momofuku any time soon. Jeremy Lin, the Harvard-educated Taiwanese-American basketball player whose linsane rise to superstardom won the hearts of so many Asian-Americans, announced that he was leaving the Knicks to join up with the Houston Rockets.

It seems that we can count Mr. Chang among the ranks of disappointed local fans. Sorry, Houston.

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