Jamba Juice Unveils New Healthy Smoothie for Public Schools

July 17, 2012 5:14 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Jamba Juice's line of school lunch smoothies (Photo: Creative Commons)

Say goodbye to everything you thought about school lunch. Fortunately for our next generation of young leaders, the food we serve in schools is about to get a lot healthier. And more delicious, too.

As Jamba enters the second year of its JambaGO Initiative, they're making good on their program's commitment to fostering a nutrition consciousness in our nation's most impressionable youngsters. Last year saw the students whom the initiative reached drinking fruit and vegetable juices. This year, Jamba is adding dairy to the initiative. The result: a healthy smoothie, sweetened with real fruit and enriched with fat-free milk.

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"We believe the program needed a dairy component to reach its full potential as a relevant healthy option in school foodservice programs," said Julie Washington, the chief brand officer of Jamba Juice Company. We're inclined to agree. There's something to be said about the anemic, often partially frozen cartons of milk that come with public school lunches in this country. Unfortunately, none of what we have to say is good.

Jamba Juice will be unveiling their new healthy smooth later this week at the School Nutrition Association conference in Denver, Colorado. From there, they can be expected to roll out their smoothies to the approximately 100 schools that the JambaGO initiative reaches. From there, the company expects that the number of schools touched could grow by a margin of approximately 400-500 schools.

While parents will be predictably happy about this change, we imagine that there'll be a smattering of concerned young lunch eaters who have one question on their minds: do these new fat-free dairy and fruit smoothies, which come in berry and peach flavors, taste good?

"Kids should love the natural sweetness of this healthy smoothie," contends Kathleen Zelman, a member of the Jamba Healthy Living Council, "It's made with nutrient-rich real fruit and fat-free milk that not only tastes great, but also helps address the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans..."

That's all the endorsement we need. Stay tuned!

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