Wendy's Fast Food Chain Releases Mobile Nutrition App for iPhones

July 18, 2012 10:43 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Salty Burger
Finally, an iPhone app that won't let you order this. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Perhaps it's not as forward-thinking as their Baconator, a decadent slice of fast food heaven with two beef patties and literal oodles of bacon, but it's still technologically progressive. And good for you-- or at least, as good for you as fast food gets.

Ladies and gentlemen, Wendy's has released a new mobile nutrition application that allows you to customize your Wendy's experience by creating and curating meals based on a set caloric limit.

The interface allows its users two approaches towards successfully and healthily navigating Wendy's menu; one can either select a caloric range that brings up a list of potential choices, or ze can set about adding menu items a la carte in order to reach hir caloric goals.

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In addition to curation of the menu, the app also provides more insight into the nutritional information of any of Wendy's many menu items, a "favorites" section that allows you to list all the menus that hit your special spot, and a geo-locator that allows customers to locate a nearby Wendy's-- just in case that craving hits you in an area with which you're unfamiliar.

The first edition of the app is available of the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Wendy's website. Future versions of the app may include digital coupons (similar to what Seamless does) and even mobile payment for your Junior Bacon with Cheese!

The app is free to download, so get playing!

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