Secret Free Cupcakes! New NYC Boutique Could Catalyze Cupcake Renaissance

July 19, 2012 5:43 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
The Georgetown Cupcake
These D.C. imports shame everything that happened in New York City years ago. (Photo: Creative Commons)

New Yorkers, forget everything you know about forgetting about cupcakes. This D.C. import serves up the first little pastry worthy of all those years of misplaced hype. And the best part? There's a secret way to get them for free, you don't have to go into one of the outer boroughs for it, and you'll never have to wait in line for hours.

We understand why you've been disappointed in the past. The time in the sun has come and gone for the darling little failures that garnered so much of your attention at Magnolia Bakery. All of those New Yorkers (and a few pitiable tourists) that ended up toiling for hours on a line there just so they could have a bite of something that may as well have been filled with sawdust -- well, they've moved on to greener pastures. But oddly enough, there hasn't been a greener pasture with quite as much staying power as the hour of the cupcake.

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Cupcake apologists cite the cuteness of the petit, often chic little pastries as their raison d'être. A designer's sensibility goes into the architecture of the frosting at the boutique ones. And unlike their heftier, proper-cake brethren, the cupcake is portable. In theory, you could eat one on your way to work. In practice, you could secretly eat one on your way to work. In short, this is a decadent treat that reflects your New York sensibility, no matter in which neighborhood you may find yourself.

In fact, the only reason why the cupcake didn't stick is because its detractors were right: the more famous the cupcake ended up being, the more disappointing it was. Food savvy urbanites cited worthy parlors in the outer boroughs, but who could be bothered to take a train for an hour for something that, theoretically, was supposed to be a prim and perfect part of your routine?

Enter Georgetown Cupcakes, a boutique bakery that reminds New Yorkers how easy we have it. All the hype that G-Town has sustained in its D.C. branches is wildly deserved; and when we say hype, we mean even longer waits than Magnolia enjoyed in its heyday. But if you told any of the many, many fans in D.C. that there was a New York City branch of their local favorite that not only served up the stuff as perfectly as they do, but is (for now, at least) sans-line even during peak hours, they'd probably claw your eyes out.

And that's exactly the way to categorize the diamond-in-the-rough that is SoHo's branch of the East Coast cupcake empire. Their winning technique pairs perfectly moist, individually crafted minicakes with intricate frosting designs that, somehow, are neither too sweet nor too buttery. Flavors like a classic Madagascar bourbon vanilla with a cream cheese frosting and Valrhona chocolate cupcake with rich Callebaut chocolate ganache see everyday circulation; whereas specials, such as their Salted Caramel, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Lemon Blossom flavors are rotated in weekly or monthly, depending on their aesthetically enriched menu.

The best part? Follow them on twitter (@GTownCupcakes) and you'll be privy to their daily secret free flavor. Simply ask for it by name and they'll give it to you in a bag with a cute sticker sealing it shut. It's a different flavor every day, and it's hardly ever something that enjoys a regular circulation on the menu, so what are you waiting for? Become a key player in New York's cupcake renaissance today.

Or maybe you'd prefer yet another bacon-wrapped doughnut?

Grade: A

Georgetown Cupcakes

111 Mercer Street

New York, NY 10012

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