Williamsburg Says "Sayonara" to Yuji Ramen

July 23, 2012 6:30 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Yujis Bacon and Egg Ramen
Yuji's Bacon and Egg Ramen (Photo: Yelp)

It's a sad day for the trendiest noodle slurpers in New York City.

For now, at least. But it's our unfortunate duty to inform you that after a season of serving up the most dazzling noodles we've eaten in who-knows-how-long, YUJI Ramen is leaving Williamsburg for a time.

The move started a little over a week ago, with Yuji gracefully slinking out of its semi-permanent outpost in Kinfolk Studios, an emblematically Brooklyn art studio that also houses the city's best pop-ups. Regret was shared by many an epicure in-the-know about what some foodies have called "the best 'underground' ramen restaurant in the city." Yuji assuaged his many fans on the Yuji Ramen Facebook page by informing them that his cold noodles would still be appearing at Smorgasburg in their weekly capacity.

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The slink continues with the news that, after one his strongest offerings throughout his tenure at the food festival, Yuji will not be appearing at Smorgasburg this week so that he can pop-up at the Bushwick Block Party. While we're ultimately excited that he'll be able to bring a different neighborhood his outstanding noodles, we're sad that he won't be bringing that necessary touch of class to Smorgasburg. More ham-fisted ramen offerings remain instead, so maybe don't plan on going to Smorgasburg for Japanese noodles this weekend.

No word remains on whether or not Yuji will be coming back to Smorgasburg after his appearance at BBP.

We're sad to see him go-- however temporarily-- and even sadder that we didn't stuff more of his last offering, sweet corn and bacon mazamen, down our gullets.

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