PREVIEW: Bunna Cafe, Williamsburg's New Vegan Ethiopian Restaurant

July 23, 2012 7:10 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
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A plate of Vegan Ethiopian food (Photo: Creative Commons)

When it comes to combining vegan cuisine with some other cuisine, the brightest culinary minds have been leading the way.

We're big fans of Foodswings, a restaurant that reminds you can still feel sinful without killing any animals. Located just east of Caracas on one of our favorite food blocks in the neighborhood, this vegan joint serves up cruelty-free versions of your fast food favorites. Though their vegan chicken sandwiches have won awards, it's their deific milkshakes that keep us coming back.

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And though we call ourselves fans of Foodswings with no hesitations, we're more excited to indoctrinate vegan and omnivore alike into the cult of Chickpea and Olive, a pop-up operating its most worthy arm out of Smorgasburg, where the two masterminds behind the operation dole out vegan sliders so good, you'll seriously consider changing your lifestyle. Chickpea and Olive makes the case for that kind of inspired thinking in a way with which even the establishment vegan restaurants in Manhattan, such as the Candle family, could never hope to compete. That's among the highest praise we could give anyone, and we're not ashamed to give it.

Others, such as Bliss Cafe, are lovely without being terribly laudable. As such, we can call "ambitious" any culinary hopeful who dares add hir establishment to this admirable pantheon. We have exorbitantly high hopes for Bunna Cafe, run by Austin's Sam Savarance, thanks in no small part to the generosity of the menu for their soft launch this weekend.

On it, you can order Ethiopian classics like Gomen (steamed Kale with potatoes, carrots, red onion, ginger, garlic, and herbs) and Yesuf Fit Fit (sunflower milk and peppers mixed with crumbled injera). Six dollars let's you choose any three items on the menu, but you can try all six for the price of ten bucks.

That's right. Try not just any, but every item on the menu for 10 measly dollars.

If you find yourself with free time and a hankering for Ethiopian food this weekend, head on out to Bushwick Block Party this Saturday to the West Cafe and Bar on Sunday.

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