The Fat Duck Cometh: An Inside-Look at the Christmas Line of Heston Blumenthal

July 24, 2012 3:50 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Baked Alaska
Heston Blumenthal's take on the Baked Alaska hits British supermarket shelves this October. (Photo: Creative Commons)

When it comes to cooking, Americans like to pretend that the British have no idea what they're talking about. We don't know where that misconception comes from; perhaps from a comfy, hypocritical space that makes us feel better about scarfing down as many burgers, hot dogs, and processed-meat-filled tacos that we as a nation have been cramming down our gullets for the most important part of a century.

But anyone who's been across the pond-- let alone grew up under its pinky-extended auspices-- knows otherwise. Sure, we may have won the Revolutionary War, but one quick look at how well our British neighbors have been eating and you'll be thinking otherwise.

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It was recently announced that celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, best known for his work with the culinary temple that is The Fat Duck, was launching a variety of Christmas foods as part of his supermarket line for the chain of Waitrose stores in England. The center-piece of the collection is a truly mouth-watering take on an old favorite: a new spin on Baked Alaska.

"I was inspired to create my take on the old school classic by creating a raspberry mousse centre which gave the creaminess without melting," said Blumenthal, explaining that he wanted to continue by "adding one of [his] favorite flavours-- bananas."

The powers-that-be at Waitrose are hoping that his Baked Alaska can match the jaw-dropping heights that last year's orange-filled Christmas pudding product, which had collectors scooping them up and reselling them on Ebay for upwards of 250 quid.

Rounding the menu is a Christmas pudding that tastes like a brownie, a cranberry sauce hosed with vodka, a bread sauce flavored with truffle oil, and a gammon baked in mulled cider. Don't burp near any lighters when these foods hit the shelves in October.

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