The Five Absolute Weirdest Potato Chip Flavors Ever

July 24, 2012 11:36 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Walker's Cajun Squirrel
Walkers Cajun Squirrel chips. (Photo: Techeblog)

When it comes to potato chips, most of consider "ripples" an exotic experience. There's nothing like having the familiar experience of salty, greasy, and crunchy standardized such that, apart from some nuances of brand loyalty most of us can't quite explain, we're all able to enjoy a chip that hits the spot no matter where we are.

Of course, where we see consistency, others see the chance to go down the road less traveled. Forget about sour cream and onion, cheddar, and even barbecue; these are the weirdest potato chip flavors you'll ever have.

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And yes, that's also counting Pringles Pizza.

1. Cajun Squirrel - Walkers

Walkers predicted crowd-sourcing like nobody's business. This British potato chip (or crisps, as they're called across the pond) company is so self-assured in its ability to effectively execute new, exciting, and ultimately appealing flavors that they are constantly accepting challenges from their adoring public for new flavors. One of the winners of the Walkers Flavor Challenge was this curio: the Cajun Squirrel chip. Since I've never eaten squirrel, I can't attest to its accuracy. But it certainly does recall a sort of... high-brow approach to the lowest-brow of all. The cajun seasonings are impeccable. The smoky meatiness that's supposed to be the squirrel is... well, curious. And we like that the cartoon squirrel on the bag is just as frightened as we are.

2. Margarita and Salt - Chip Shots

Chip Shots is a web company most famous for mixing potato chips with beer and salt. They very quickly branched out into a ton of chip offerings inspired by bar food, and this one's our absolute favorite. The margarita taste is just a little artificial, but we don't mind; after all, it's a chip out of a bag. The lime, tequila, and orange all come together admirably, and when you're kicking back with a cold and frosty, we can't see you wanting to reach for any other chip.

3. Blueberry & Hazelnut - Pringles

When Proctor & Gamble entered the potato chip game, they made sure that their brand would be felt more aggressively than any other. Enter the pringle, the most standardized snack food in the history of all snack foods. Each chip, barring the broken ones at the ends of the tube, are uniform in a way that seems utterly unnatural. Eerie, even. It made even eating their original recipe chips seem just a little strange.

Enter Asia, which brings us the Blueberry & Hazelnut pringle. And exit.

4. Dill Pickle - Route 11

My absolute favorite potato chip. This one hits it just perfectly. It's textured handsomely, with a cut body that you'll want to sink your teeth into again and again. But what makes this chip work so well is the flavor of the dill pickle that works sweetly and neatly against the aggressiveness of the salt. Pair it with sour cream, and you may never leave your apartment again.

5. Cuttlefish - Calbee Korean

'Nuff said. Add MSG.

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