Whole Foods Decline: Why Experts Say You Won't Give a Darn about Organic Foods

July 24, 2012 11:53 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Whole Foods
Why no one will care about Whole Foods anymore. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Whole Foods is one of the leading purveyors of organic and specialty foodstuffs, operating hundreds and hundreds of locations across several nations. For quite some time, they were the very last word for supermarkets in which the young, hip, and trendy could purchase healthy foods that bolstered small and local businesses. So why are experts now saying that Whole Foods has reached its peak and, in the coming years, will decline into a sub-marginal business?

Since its founding in Austin, Texas in 1978, Whole Foods has expanded into 331 locations across the globe. In spite of its worthy stock price return of 2,672% over just short of two decades, competitors have been slowly whittling away at Whole Foods's monopoly, creating a competition that could hamper the company's growth significantly. According to USA Today, a journalist claims that Kroger, a standard grocery store, is planning on aggressively expanding its wares into the organic food market, all-the-while focusing on a pricing strategy aimed at blowing its worthy, albeit less affordable competitors out of the water.

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The notoriously expensive Whole Foods has reason to be worried. According to the Wall Street Journal, they're attempting to remain relevant to a demographic that's tightening its collective pursestrings by cutting prices and offering discounts to frequent patrons.

It doesn't help that, in the era of Google, detractors and cynics are just as empowered as anyone. As such, the myth of organic foods being better for you has been debunked on a banal, irrelevant, but ultimately effective level. According to a Google Trends search for the phrase "organic food," it's on a rapid and steady decline over the past six years.

As such, we can predict that the Whole Foods empire may not, and may never be, as valuable as it once was-- especially if more trusted, folksy names in the supermarket game go after its territory.

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