Why Did Chick-Fil-A Pretend to Be a Pretty Teenage Girl?

July 25, 2012 6:19 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Chick-fil-a comes under fire for anti-gay remarks. (Photo: Creative Commons)

Yikes. This is maybe the weirdest thing to happen in the fallout of the Chick-Fil-A Anti-Gay scandal that's been tearing the world of fried chicken/politicians/celebrities asunder. For the sake of the identities of all the real people involved in this story, we'll be referring to them as Facebook User 1, Facebook User 2, etc.

Early Wednesday, July 25, 2012, Buzzfeed posted a story in which a Facebook user had deduced through some very clever cyber-sleuthing that someone, presumably a figure in charge of handling Chick-Fil-A's crisis management, had created the fake Facebook persona of a red-headed teenage girl in order to defend the company as an unaffiliated third-party.

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The bizarre incident comes just a few days into the media firestorm that has emerged since Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A's President, announced that he truly believes "gay marriage is inviting God's judgment." Now, the company has ramped up its defenses and entered crisis mode, responding as they see fit to whichever backlash threatens their support for traditional, biblical families as they understand it.

And their response to backlash is rather obvious. On the company's Facebook page, Facebook User 1 writes: "Admit it, Chick-fil-A: you stopped carrying Jim Henson's puppets as kids meal toys because you got dumped for being bigots, not because some kids 'got their fingers stuck.'" The post was met with much approval, receiving over 12 likes and multiple responses in support.

That is, of course, until one Ms. Abby Farle commented that "it was taken back weeks before any of this... check your info Chris... John 3:16."

Maybe it would have been an easier pill to swallow had the user not called attention to herself with the citing of a bible passage, or the weirdly cited proclamation that the recall happened "weeks" ago, which his corroborated by neither by the company's detractors nor by Chick-Fil-A's own statements, which place the recall as beginning on July 19th.

When multiple Facebook users bring that to her attention, Abby Farle continues: "no my friend went to chickfila 3 weeks ago and there was no toys. deer."

We don't understand what's more grim: Chick-Fil-A's contempt for our intelligence or their hyper-dramatic understanding of the grammar of teenage girls. In response to her lie (er, comment), Facebook User 2 points out that "Abby joined Facebook 8 hours ago. Nice try Chick-fil-a PR guy. 2/10 is the best I can do."

Minutes later, the same Facebook user posts the Shutterstock stock image from which the presumed Chick-Fil-A representative took the photo of the teenage girl from a generic model. How's that for some good internet sleuthing?

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