McDonald's Doesn't Care Whether You Live or Die

July 26, 2012 10:05 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
McDonalds' Big Mac
McDonald's loves to see you smile, die. (Photo: REUTERS)

If Chick-Fil-A's bigotry weren't enough to get you riled up, then how about a case of fast food apathy to send you over the edge?

Not only do they not care about the state of your thighs, it looks like one McDonald's didn't notice that one of its patrons had died. Reports from Sibenik, Croatia are drawing the curious and horrified eyes of the world after the workers at one of its McDonald's restaurants allegedly continued to make and sell food after one female customer collapsed and died while purchasing a meal at the restaurant counter.

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According to the Croation newspaper 24sata, in spite of the obvious death of one of their "valued customers," "employees continued to work as if nothing had happened." And though an ambulance called by the woman's husband did come quite quickly, the damage had already been done. Emergency personell covered her body with a sheet until a coroner could get there.

But while this maudlin scene was taking place, the McDonald's stayed open for the business of making and selling Big Macs. And while restaurant officials have told The Daily Mail that only the drive-through portion of the restaurant remained open for business (as if that's any indication of common decency), one customer disagrees, attesting that the restaurant did, in fact, remain open.

Looks like not only does McDonald's love to see you smile, they're pretty into it when you die, too.

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