Racism? At Your Burger King? The Answer May Surprise You

July 31, 2012 5:36 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Burger King
Burger King (Photo: REUTERS/Umit Bektas)

A Burger King chef in a Folkestone branch has been thrown in jail after inundating two members of his staff with severe and hostile racial abuse.

Ben Hurley, the 32 year old burger and fry cook, showed up drunk to work one day and began to scream vile racial epithets at his coworkers. According to eyewitness accounts, he accused one of the assistant cooks, Venezuelan by birth, of not being able to speak English. He added that the Venezuelan assistant should "f*** off out of this country."

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As if that weren't enough, he then turned his volley of racist attacks to one of the female managers, calling her a "f****** b****." Shortly afterwards, he slapped her across the face, warning: "If you don't understand English, then go back to your own country, you Slovakian b****."

The purported incident, which occurred August of last year, was luckily witnessed by an off-duty police officer, who promptly arrested the belligerent worker. According to Denzil Pugh, the prosecution of his recent trial, Hurley showed up drunk and asked for a man named Curtis who was not there.

When Mr. Orusha Venazio, the first of his victims, told him that Curtis wasn't in, Hurley began his attack. When the Slovakian manager asked him to leave, he turned is abuse to her.

We're happy this is all wrapping up nicely.

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