What Do The 2012 London Olympics, Avocados, and Subway Have in Common?

July 31, 2012 5:48 PM EDT | By Anthony Smith
Avocado (Photo: flickr/ j_silla)

If you've been watching much of NBC's 2012 London Olympics coverage, you've probably seen a really bizarre commercial for Subway, the popular fast food sandwich chain. "Try avocado on any sub," recommends Apolo Ohno, the winter Olympian American short track speed skating competitor and eight time medalist. Shortly after his reasonable request, a super bizarre graph appears on the screen.

The title of the graph is simply AVOCADO. It's a bar graph with indecipherable X and Y axis demarkations. On the right of the graph is a avocado, split down the middle, with the phrase "Avocado Season" etched over it. Now, this may have you scratching your head and asking, "What the heck does this graph mean?"

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You aren't alone. Confused TV watchers took to Twitter to provide the following answers to that question.

1. "Without anymore information, I can only guess it represents 'avocados over time.'

2. "Average avocadoness over time. Duh."

3. "Success is directly proportional to avocado. The most successful people are avocados. Can't you see? It is as plain as avocado."

4. "The x-axis represents avocado and the y-axis represents avocado."

Gawker got in touch with Subway to find out what the official interpretation of the graphs was. They received the following answer this morning:

"Given the sports science nature of the spot, the graph was designed to draw the eye upward in a trend - a trait we typically perceive as positive. In this case, we thought of the upward (positive) trend as related to taste, as in Avocado increasing the taste factor of said sandwich."

And there you have it.

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